Battle of the Bands RESULTS: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia


It’s time for the Battle of the Bands Results. The song: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia. The contenders: Reba McEntire vs. Vicki Lawrence. For some reason there seemed to be low voter turnout for this most recent battle but it still ended up being an exciting battle. At first it seemed that Reba was going to run away with the votes but then folks started voting for Vicki Lawrence.

The end result is a tie with Reba getting 7 votes and Vicki getting 7 votes. So I get to be the tie-breaker. That’s always fun!

I like both of these versions and I think Reba did a FANTASTIC job with the cover. However, I was impressed by Vicki Lawrence’s tenacity and sheer determination in her belief in this song to take it to production when no one else seemed to want it. The end result was a #1 hit for Vicki, which I found quite inspiring. And it’s a darn good version! For that reason, I am casting my vote for Vicki Lawrence, making her the winner of this Battle of the Bands.

Thanks to all who participated. Without you, there would be no battles.

See you on July 1st for the next battle. It’s going to be a good one (I think…)


19 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    • Glad I was able to provide you an exciting version of the song. Reba indeed did a fabulous job with it. Thanks for coming by Janie


  1. Summer blog slow down time is here, but I’ll go on and hope most other BOTB participants will as well.

    You had a tie like I did. Close battle like that are good because then our favorites win.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. Great reason to choose Vicki! 🙂 Both versions were good and this is a satisfying outcome. Excellent battle, Michele. Even though turnout for the next one will probably be bad (long weekend for both Canada (the 1st) and the U.S. (the 4th), I’ll be joining you, anyway. It will be interesting to see how many of us “die-hards” will turn up.

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  3. Wowie, Michele!

    Seems more often than not your band battles turn into suspense thrillers. Once again I congratulate you for presenting two evenly matched contestants. I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Last time I looked Reba was getting most of the votes. I am delighted to know that your ears matched mine and that Vicki came on strong in the final stretch and pulled out a victory with your help.

    Thanks for the entertainment, dear friend Michele, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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    • Thanks Shady! I appreciate your comment. It was great having a tie result. That’s always fun. I thought Reba was going to run away with it from the initial round of votes and I’m so glad that Vicki pulled ahead in the end.
      As always, thanks for your patronage to my battles! You rock… 🙂


  4. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The ULTIMATE experience in BOTB is when the BOTBer gets to determine the winner of his/her own Battle. I LOVE that!

    Great Battle, Michele, obviously.

    Seems like EVERYONE had low voter turnout this time. Yep, the Summer Bloggin’ Doldrums are upon us. Oh, well, I’ve never slowed my BOTB pace during Summer before, and I don’t intend to do it this time, either.

    In fact, I’ve got a really interesting Battle planned for July 1st. Even if it’s not a close contest, I’m looking forward to it already!

    Considering how long I’ve been BOTBing, I wasn’t sure I could get really excited about a Battle again, and yet… here I am!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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    • Well, I will definitely look forward to your July 1st battle then! I hope the turnout will improve because I have a really fun song planned for the next battle. At least I’m excited about it — but that could just be me.

      Thanks for coming by today Stephen…


    • Yeah, turned out good, huh? I liked Reba’s version…in fact I actually LOVED her version but Vicki’s was just as good and I like her tenacity in getting it produced and marketed. Good for her! We need more attitudes like that in the world… 🙂


  5. Is it weird that I’m happy that it’s a tie? I truly love both versions, so I think it was only fitting!

    Yup, summer slow down is upon us. But I keep plugging along. It keeps my mind busy and away from the fact that if I don’t find a place to live soon, I’m going to be homeless – and that is truly a depressing thought.

    Loved your battle! Congratulations!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

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    • I don’t think it’s crazy to be happy that there’s a tie! I loved both versions too. It was a hard decision. So glad you liked my battle! I think the next battle is going to be fun too. At least I hope folks like it. I’m excited about the song because I love it! Stop by in July and let me know if you like the song as much as I do…

      I hate to hear that you’re facing an abode crisis. I hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted. I’ll keep some good thoughts for you Mary.


  6. When I cast my vote, I seemed to be the only person voting for Vicki. But, I never vote with the majority, I vote with my heart. Glad I did. Perhaps it helped other people appreciate Vicki’s version of the song. Definitive in my book. So glad she actually pulled out a win. Now THIS was what I call a music battle.
    Yes, seems there was a low voting turn-out this time for some reason.

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    • kinda makes me wonder what the outcome would’ve been had there been a normal voter turnout??
      Glad you voted for Vicki … and you were the first one to vote for her so thanks for that!
      So happy that you liked my battle Jeffrey. That means a lot to me. Hope you like my next one. It’s one of my favorite songs….


  7. Well, that turned out to be quite the battle. Seems like when I cast my vote for Vicki Reba had a strong lead. I’m so glad that things turned around and Vicki regained ground. Like Stephen said above, it’s pretty exciting when you get to break the tie. I think it makes everyone realize their vote actually counts… even though your vote ultimately decides it (their vote did, too!). I think we tend to forget that sometimes. Strange, but true.

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment over at my place.

    Sometimes we tend to think of only the bad things when we start from scratch. Like “Oh dear, I’m starting over… again.” But, there is something positive to be said for it, too. When you’re at the beginning, everything is possibility… and that is exciting. Every time we make choices the road takes us toward a specific place (also exciting when you’ve been aimless for a long time), but the space feels less wide. I think maybe the joy comes in loving each place we’re at while we’re there… or something like that.


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