Battle of the Bands Results: Wrecking Ball Parody

Well, my April Fools Day edition of Battle of the Bands results are in. (If you’re looking for my A-Z post, scroll down to the next post) We voted in a contest of two different parodies of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video, one featuring Meagan Elizabeth doing a great spoof of Miley’s video called “Reiki Me” and Anne Hathaway doing a hilarious lip sync.

The votes are in and with an overwhelming majority, the win goes to MEGAN ELIZABETH! I voted for her too. I thought the lyrics she came up with were hysterical and the video itself really made me laugh. The final tally was:

Megan Elizabeth (Reiki Me):  11

Anne Hathaway:  5

If you want another laugh, stick around. Our very own Mary Burris from Jingle Jangle Jungle turned me on to yet another Wrecking Ball parody and this one is beyond hilarious. It features porn star Ron Jeremy. And I gotta say: I find it really hard to believe that this guy was a porn star. Must have been a long time ago!

Anyway, enjoy:

As always, thanks for participating in my Battle of the Bands! See you on the 15th when I’ll get back to serious business…

31 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands Results: Wrecking Ball Parody

    • Oh Girl, you gotta go back and see Reiki Me. That is really hilarious too!
      Here’s the link for Reiki Me:

      I don’t know which one is more funny!


  1. Hi again, Michele!

    I’m glad you and the majority of others voted for Megan’s version which was my choice. But wait! Stop the presses! Hold the phone! Ron Jeremy’s version might, just might, be the definitive! 🙂 I laughed. I cried. I threw up in my mouth a little. Ron was known as “The Hedgehog” and you can see why.

    Thank you very much, dear friend Michele!

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  2. So here’s a bit of trivia about Ron Jeremy. See, he was in a video or two…
    Wait. Let’s not go there just yet.. you might get the wrong idea about me an Ron. 😉

    This particular video was created right here in Portland, Oregon. At the time, Ron Jeremy had just opened up a brand new sex club in downtown Portland. One might say that Portland has a lot of perverts… or even just a really healthy sexual appetite, as there are just about as many strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, sex clubs, etc per capita as there are coffee houses.

    I’m glad I was able to share this video with you!

    #AtoZChallenge F is for Fitzgerald

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    • That’s weird. I kept it as a “sticky” post so it was at the top of my landing page so people could find it easily. Haha…
      I think the A-Z just had people pre-occupied because I had a lower voter turnout than normal for this last one…
      Thanks for catching my A-Zs! I appreciate it. ❤


  3. Ron Jeremy doesn’t look much different than he ever did. Not that I watched his films, but I’ve seen him on TV shows. He said that the reason he was a star was because the guys who watched that stuff wanted to see guys as ugly as they were having their time with good looking women. I guess that psychology makes sense.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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    • I get it. A lot of people missed my battle. I just mentioned that I had a lower than average voter turnout. Too bad because it was a fun battle…
      No worries. And don’t even worry if you miss the next one: it’s right in the middle of the A-Z madness. I totally get it… XOXO


    • Thanks Cathy! Glad you liked the battle. A-Z craziness getting to you?? You called me Fae… Ha!! It’s nuts isn’t it? And this is just Week One!!! What a wild ride… 🙂


  4. Whoaaaa, what a CRAZY wrecking ball! I did get a kick out of it though. Now, I remember we chatted last year at the A – Z but my computer couldn’t download the videos without going on strike. I LOVE your dog headers!


    • Oh hey Gwynn! Good to see you here. Yeah, last year I had a zillion music videos so that made opening the posts a bit slow. This year since there aren’t so many videos in my Classic TV posts, you’ll be able to open my posts. 🙂
      Thanks for loving my dog headers! Those are my babies…
      Hope you’re having fun with the A-Z. See you ’round the bend here and there, I hope.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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