Taco Bell in the News — and not in a good way

Taco Bell sure has been in the news this week. Did you all hear about these incidents?

“PITTSFIELD, Mass. (AP) — Police in Massachusetts have charged a man they say got so angry when he found out that Taco Bell was closed that he sped off in his car, crashed into a free-standing ATM building, and knocked himself unconscious.

Police say Derrick LaForest pulled up to the drive-thru in Pittsfield at 1:30 a.m. Thursday and when no one came to serve him, honked his horn for two minutes. The store had closed a half hour earlier.
After a worker told him the restaurant was closed, he tore away at high speed, struck a curb, lost control, and smashed into the building. He refused medical attention.
LaForest told police he didn’t remember hitting the building.
He has been released on $500 bail after pleading not guilty to reckless operation and vandalism.”

What an idiot!

This one kinda cracked me up, although it’s not really funny because it involves a domestic dispute. This woman and her husband got into a fight over his drinking. She then proceeded to hit him in the back of the head with a Taco Bell Burrito. He turned around and stabbed her hand with a fork, for which she had to be taken to the hospital to have it removed.

“Deputies say the 51-year-old Suzanne Hurlvert hit 66-year-old Carl Owen Smith in the back of the head with a half-eaten Burrito Supreme during an argument over his alcohol consumption.
Smith then responded by stabbing Hurlvert in the hand with a fork he was using to eat a Taco Bell pizza and left the home. The fork was so deeply embedded, they had to be removed by doctors at a nearby hospital.
When deputies arrived, Hurlvert was still there, relatively calm, but with a fork sticking out of her hand. Deputies noted portions of the burrito were found scattered around the room.”

Both were charged with felonies. A felony for hitting someone with a burrito! Who knew they were so dangerous!

But I’m sure that Taco Bell is happy for the free publicity though…


Did you ever think of using a Taco Bell product as a weapon? What news have you heard lately that made you shake your head and say “What an idiot!”?



16 thoughts on “Taco Bell in the News — and not in a good way

    • Strange indeed. I’ll be these will be included in News of the Weird in The Onion. I haven’t read the Onion in a long time and not even sure if it’s still publishing but these two are definite contenders for News of the Weird…


  1. Can’t blame Taco Bell for these incidents, though maybe it says something about the clientele going to Taco Bell. On the other hand, I like to get stuff from Taco Bell now and then. Since they closed down the Taco Bell store that was convenient for me I don’t go as much as I used to. And they closed that down years ago.

    A lot of news makes me think “what an idiot”. We live in a world of idiocy.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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    • So many idiots! Have you ever read the Onion’s News of the Weird? That’s full of idiots…
      The funny thing is I just had a Taco Bell burrito the other day!


  2. Hi, Michele!

    Those are bizarre stories. They remind me of scenes from COPS (“Bad boys, bad boys”) … or maybe Reno 911. I’ll never forget the time Mrs. Shady and I were quarreling and she hurled a bowl of alphabet soup at me. Heated words passed between us. (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    Happy Easter, dear friend Michele!

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    • Hahahaha~! Heated words. Good one Shady!
      I love that show COPS. I’ve never seen Reno 9-11.

      Happy Easter to you too Tom. Have a blessed day!


  3. I shouldn’t laugh about the burrito and the fork, but I did. I’m amazed that the guy who hit the building got such low bail. I don’t eat at Taco Bell, so I’ve never considered using their food as a weapon. I don’t think I’ve ever considered food as a weapon, except when I add a little arsenic to Willy Dunne Wooters’ dinner (JUST KIDDING, HOMELAND SECURITY). I don’t watch or read the news on a regular basis, but everything about Donald Trump makes me shake my head and call him a name other than idiot that I won’t use here. Great post, Michele. Crazy question: Why are you a one L Michele? It’s the French name for Michael. Two Ls is for a woman. My daughter’s middle name is Michelle. I guess your one L makes you seem more dangerous and daring. I’ve met other people with one L. I always wonder, Why only one L? I wonder about many things of no consequence. That’s why my brain is filled with worthless trivia so I can’t learn anything of consequence. I wish you and your family a blessed Easter.


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    • I know, I shouldn’t have laughed either but it was funny. I’m glad it made you laugh. There’s always so much in the news to make me angry and upset, it was nice to laugh at the news for a change…
      I’m one-L Michele because my mom wanted to be a little different. She almost did it Myshelle and I’m soooo glad she didn’t! I like my one L. And it’s given me a nickname too:I came to be known as “One-L Michele” because I was always correcting people on the spelling. Lol.

      Happy Easter to you too Sweet Janie!~ I hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. I would never dream of using a Taco Bell product as a weapon.
    I actually love Taco Bell and think it would be a waste. I don’t really eat at fast food any more, but when I do, it’s Taco Bell. I’ve got a soft spot for those Dorito Loco Tacos.


    • Oh, I’ll have to give those a try! I never heard of the Dorito Loco Tacos. Anything with Doritos has to be good! Thanks for stopping by Jeffrey…


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