Notable Quotable – A simple act of kindness

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.    –Maya Angelou

Simple acts of kindness never cease to amaze me in terms of how lingering their effects are felt. For example, just the other day I was taking my Mom to see her heart surgeon. She just had open-heart surgery (valve replacement and repair) last month and we were on our way into her follow-up appointment. She’s very weak and needs assistance walking. She was leaning on me and I asked her if she would rather go up the three steps or did she want to walk up the ramp. Keep in mind that I’m also walking with a boot on because I have an unfused ankle (the two ankle fusion surgeries did NOT work and I’m left with an unfused ankle and have to constantly wear one of those big ugly gray surgical boots). We must have looked like quite the pair: me in my boot and mom leaning on me for support.

This very kind gentleman was coming out of the building and heard me ask my mom if she’d rather take the steps or the ramp. He stopped and asked us if we needed help. I thought that was so nice of him. It was a very simple act of kindness but it lingered with me all these days later. He probably thought nothing of it as it seemed to be quite natural for him. Just a nice guy. But it stuck with me. Something so simple as that.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered kindness in so many realms. Maya Angelou has it right: those times are never forgotten because they ignite something in the heart.

In this crazy busy life, may you always remember to be kind. And when someone extends kindness to you, don’t forget to express thanks and gratitude. Let people know how much their kindness means to you.

When was the last time a simple act of kindness stuck with you?  When was the last time you did something kind?


10 thoughts on “Notable Quotable – A simple act of kindness

  1. I never do something kind. Avoid it like the plague. People were so nice to me when I broke my back and had a walker and a back brace. Sometimes I get out the walker so they’ll be nice to me again. Just kidding–maybe.



    • I thought of something that was really, really nice. My youngest nephew had cancer several years ago. I started what I call a prayer campaign. I asked my congregation to pray for my nephew. I asked other churches to pray for him. I asked Bible study groups. I asked bloggers all over the world. Then I started asking people I encountered to pray for him. I don’t mean I walked up to people on the streets who had their knives in the right position to slash me. I asked servers and other patrons in restaurants and people in public places who looked like they might be willing. One time I asked an older couple outside a restaurant. The man said, Sure, let’s pray right now. So we held hands and prayed right there on the sidewalk. My nephew recovered and has been cancer free for quite a while now.

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      • Ah, the power of prayer!!! What a beautiful campaign you started. And look at what all that goodness and kindness brought! Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing Janie!
        Keep that walker handy… 🙂


  2. Hi, dear Michele!

    Recently Mrs. Shady and I went to a restaurant for dinner. We were the first to arrive a few minutes before the opening time of 4 pm. It is a popular place, and approximately 25 people had lined up behind us by the time the doors were unlocked. I held the door for Mrs. Shady and decided on the spot to hold it open for all the other people who had been waiting. As I waved them through the door it felt good to see their smiles and hear their thank yous. Just as all the people in the original group had finished entering, another couple approached the door from the parking lot. The husband, who noticed that I had been acting as the doorman for many others, grabbed the door so that I could enter. I smile and expressed my appreciation. Simple, random acts of kindness like these can make your day and they can also make somebody else’s day. Make a habit of being extra nice and helpful to others and see how great it makes you feel!

    Thanks, Michele!

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    • Very true! It costs so little to be nice…and the rewards are so overwhelming, it just surprises me that more and more people don’t make it a habit!
      Thanks for sharing your story Shady. Hope you had a good dinner. And just think: your random act of kindness that day transferred to so many and started their night out and their meals on a sweet note! Way to go…


  3. I believe in kindness and try to show that each day. I had someone last week tell me me something about me which made me feel so good. I don’t like talking about it as I feel I am bragging but suffice to say, I know I am in the right job. I recall, over 10 yrs ago, I was in a very sad state and had no idea where my life was headed. I went to a nice a nice place (Port Dalhousie) to walk and look at the boats. I was sitting on the bench looking at this huge yacht when a man, who owned the yacht told me to smile. Life is never that bad. He was cheery and told me life is worth living. I knew it was but had no idea I was showing my sadness. Even though he was retired and on a yacht, he cheered me up and I wished him well on his journey.(heading up the St. Lawrence to the Atlantic ocean and then down to Panama!

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    • That was nice of him to take the time to cheer you up. He had an investment in humanity and felt it his duty to make you smile. He succeeded! And isn’t it cool that you remember that all this time later? Somedays you just love humanity. So much better than those days that you don’t…
      Thanks for sharing your story. So happy to know that you are feeling much better these days… ❤


  4. My most recent experience with kindness was immediately after my car accident. I was shocked at the number of people who stopped (on a busy road, no less) to get out of their car and ask if I was okay. I was parked very close to people making right turns onto said busy road. It was astounding how many rolled down their window to ask if I was okay. I couldn’t actually “hear” them, but “Are you okay?” is pretty easy lip reading. Must say, it really touched me. We live in what often feels like a very busy world where people don’t bother looking outside themselves. But, many do. And some will even walk the extra mile!


  5. Hi, Michele; I’m sorry you’re still having problems with your ankle. 😦 Is there nothing more they can do? I hope your Mom gets better and stronger every day.

    Acts of kindness stay in our memories because they are so rare, I think. Most people are self-absorbed, but I do my best to help anyone if they need it. When I was sick, one of my clients sent me a beautiful bouquet of tulips. It really cheered me up! 🙂


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