Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Marshall Tucker’s Can’t You See


Today is Results Day for my battle of Marshall Tucker Band’s classic song Can’t You See.

Pitting Poison against Zac Brown & Kid Rock, the votes stacked up more for Zac & Kid, earning the duo 11 of the 17 votes. Poison ended up with only 35% of the votes (6).

I went with the majority on this one. From a pure listening pleasure standpoint, I enjoyed Zac & Kid’s version better. I liked Poison’s version and I think they did a good job with it. I just liked the other one better.

So there you have it. Zac Brown & Kid Rock win this one.

Thanks to all who stopped by to vote. I so appreciate your participation!

See you on the 15th for the next round of battles…

16 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Marshall Tucker’s Can’t You See

  1. Hi, MIchele!

    Congratulations on a heavy voter turnout and for presenting two excellent performances in your battle. I notice that your ears don’t match mine very often, but at least they did over on my V.S. I think in a way my vote for Poison amounted to a Lifetime Achievement Award. Poison had millions of avid fans, but I was not one of them. I never bought any of their records. When I heard what they did with their cover of “Can’t You See” I was pleasantly surprised because rarely do they dial it back to that extent. My vote for Poison was my way of giving the glammers from PA credit that is perhaps overdue.

    Thanks, dear friend Michele, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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    • I actually had a hard time deciding because I did like Poison’s version. I’m glad you voted for them! They did deserve to get some votes for sure.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I so appreciate your visits Shady!
      Talk soon…


    • Yes, it was probably out of their comfort zone a little bit. I think they did really well with it. Thanks for coming by to check out the results…


    • You didn’t like their version or you just don’t like Poison period? Their version of this battle was different from their normal style at least… so that made it kind of interesting, I thought.
      Glad you chose the winner. Thanks for stopping by…


    • Yeah, me too. I usually pick versions that I like a lot so then I have a hard time deciding which to pick. But that’s the fun of it I guess…
      Thanks for coming by Jeffrey


    • Lol! If only! I wish…
      Thanks for stopping by. So cool that you have been hearing all those different versions!
      I appreciate your visit. Hope to see you here again soon…
      Stop back for sure on 3/15 for the next battle…

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    • You’re right: it is all about the fun. I almost picked Poison too and I think they deserved even more votes than they got, even though I voted for Zac & Kid too. No real losers here, in my opinion… 🙂

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