Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Rocky Mountain Way


It’s Results time for the covers of Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way and I’m still unsure who I’m voting for! Between Godsmack and Slaughter, I keep going back and forth, listening over and over to both versions. Joe Walsh’s version is so superior, it’s hard to beat. But I do enjoy both covers; though Slaughter’s seems just a little “tinny” to me…and their voices aren’t especially appealing…but I really dig it otherwise. I think I like Godsmack’s version a bit better, even though they changed up the lyrics a little. I like they way they ended the song. It had a good punch. Plus overall the song just seems stronger to me so I’m going to cast my vote for them.

This was a tight battle, neck and neck all the way until the final three votes. The tally looks like this:

Slaughter  – 7 votes

Godsmack  – 10 votes

I hope you all enjoyed my battle. As always, thanks for participating. I appreciate your votes and comments!

See you on March 1st for the next battle…

7 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Rocky Mountain Way

  1. Hi, Michele!

    I certainly did enjoy this battle. “Rocky Mt. Way is a rock standard and I enjoyed all three versions. My only gripe with Godsmack was their changing the lyrics. The Slaughter recording probably had a “thinner” sound because it is a 1997 recording vs. the 2012 recording by Godsmack.

    Thank you very much for presenting such a great band battle, dear friend Michele!


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