Merry Christmas!

To my loving family, amazing friends and blogging buddies:


May the season be magical and full of love and lots of laughter.

And may you have at least a little snow for Christmas!

(I had to settle for a full moon, but that was equally magical…)

Christmas snow scene

Enjoy this special day!

13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • That full moon was fantastic! It was spiritual, given the timing. Gave me goosebumps! Hope you had an amazing day yesterday…


  1. Hi, dear Michele!

    I’m sorry to report there was no white Christmas here in Central Florida! Not even flurries! 🙂 In fact, it felt like record heat – pretty miserable. The 100% humidity didn’t dampen spirits, however, and we had a great Christmas. I hope you and your folks and dogs had a wonderful Christmas, too!

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    • Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas Shady. Now back to reality and getting life back in order. We had a traditional ham and scalloped potatoes dinner with pecan pie for dessert. Very mellow. Went to bed early. The dogs had me exhausted! Slowly the dogs are starting to leave. I’ll have guest dogs through January 5th though and more coming for New Year’s so will still be a full house for a while yet. The greyhounds are so laid back though and so mellow: the breed definitely suits my style!
      Are you planning on kicking up your heels for New Years??


      • No, we are planning on propping our heels up on comfy pillows and watching Jurassic World. Ever since we met we have made it a tradition to watch a movie on New Year’s Eve. The first one we watched together as a couple was The Hunt For Red October.

        I wish you a great week ahead and a very happy new year, dear friend Michele!

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        • That’s a nice tradition. Love good movies! Jurassic World sounds like a fun movie to watch. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Shady!


    • Hey Lee. Merry Christmas to you too. Glad to hear you’re out in Jersey with family. That’s nice. But it kinda sucks that you didn’t have a white Christmas. So many people were disappointed this year with no white Christmas. Global warming ain’t no BS! 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your holidays. Will see you on the first for the next battle…
      Happy New Year!


  2. I’m glad your parents are with you and can count on you, not to mention all those dogs. You have a sort of greyhound underground railroad. I gave one of your bracelets to a young woman named Holly. She asked for the name of your shop because she liked the bracelet so much!


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    • Lol. A greyhound underground railroad! Good one! Thanks for sharing my store with Holly. Hope she likes the bracelet you gave her…
      Hope you had a nice Christmas!


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