Notable Quotable – Wide Open

Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open

                                           ~ Unknown

My good friend Lisa came by last week for a visit to introduce me to her new baby and she brought my Christmas presents. One of them was this fabulous wall-hanging (which is currently hanging on my Christmas tree) with this inspirational quote.

Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open

It reminded me of the day two of my greyhounds got loose. This happened years ago when I had my sweet babies Maggie, Bella and Dodge. I had let them out in the backyard to play and was doing something in the house when I suddenly heard tags jingling at my front door. I opened the front door and there stood Dodge! Shocked, I brought him in and said “How did you get out here?!”

I ran into the backyard and was horrified to discover that the lock on the gate had broken off and it was wide open…with Maggie and Bella nowhere in sight. I panicked and jumped in my truck and started driving around the neighborhood. I’m cruising down the road and checking all the cross streets when I spied both of them, nose to the ground, sniffing something in the middle of the road. I pulled up, jumped out of the truck and went over to them. They were sniffing a dead worm. Figures that. I said “C’mon. Get in the truck!” and they loaded up.

I’ll never forget the looks on their faces. They were panting like crazy and literally had the biggest grins on their faces. It was like they were saying, “pant pant pant, “This was fun Mom! Can we do this again?? Huh? Can we??” Pant pant pant…” It was obvious that they had had so much fun on their little adventure.

There were two great lessons there. One: Always be sure the locks on your gates are secure. And two: Live like someone left the gate open…


Do you live like someone left the gate open?





13 thoughts on “Notable Quotable – Wide Open

  1. Good one, dear Michele!

    My dog Toto loved to sniff dead worms and lizards on the sidewalk and then roll on them! They must have smelled like doggie perfume to her. One day Toto ran away from our yard and Mrs. Shady and I were panic stricken for a couple of minutes as we searched the nearby woods for her. We finally found her looking up a tree in the woods at a squirrel she had been chasing. As we shooed Toto back toward our property a giant tree limb snapped off and landed between Toto and me. If either of us had been struck it would have caused serious injury or worse. It made me think that you never know when the curtain is going to fall so you might as well go for the gusto. Another way of putting it is to live like someone left the gate open.

    Thank you, dear friend Michele, and merry Christmas!

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    • Yikes, you and Toto both escaped serious injury or worse! That’s quite scary. I can see how that would have such an life-altering impact on you. Glad Toto was okay and just out chasing squirrels!
      I just don’t understand that doggie practice of rolling in dead things! What’s that all about?? 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by today Shady!


  2. I’m very fussy with my gate. Soon after Penelope joined our family, I got home from something or other and didn’t perform my usual routine of car in the garage and then close the gate. That evening the dogs were outside. I opened the door, and Franklin ran in with his worried look on his face. I didn’t see Penelope. I got the flashlight and went to search for her. The gate was open. I thought, That’s it. She’s gone.

    I went to the front yard, calling her name and hoping she’d be close to home. I didn’t see her, so I figured I’d better get in the car and drive around the neighborhood. I got to the backyard and was still swinging around the flashlight when I spotted Penelope under the big bush in the backyard. She had the opportunity to take off, but she stayed with me. Willy Dunne Wooters said, She knows it’s her home.

    I guess in our case, living like the gate is open means you can take advantage of opportunities if you feel like it, but if you’d rather stay at home, it’s okay.


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    • I’m glad Penelope decided to stay at home instead of venturing out. I like your philosophy of seizing opportunities but only if you feel like it! That’s freedom! Thanks for stopping by today Janie…


  3. Aww, haha 🙂 that’s cute! But also, I imagine, stressful at the time. I’ve had my pups get out before, but thankfully they got home safe.

    I really want to live like someone left the gate open! We’re planning some huge life changes over the next few years and I feel that’s a step in the right direction 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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