University of Texas Longhorns Mascot Bevo has Died


The longhorn steer mascot of the University of Texas died in his sleep Friday after recently being diagnosed with cancer. Bevo XIV was 13.

Bevo, beloved UT Longhorns Mascot

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The recently retired Texas Longhorn mascot Bevo XIV has died, University of Texas at Austin officials said Friday.

The 2,100-pound longhorn was diagnosed with the bovine leukemia virus earlier this month. The university said in a press release that he “passed away in his sleep” Friday. He was being kept at a ranch owned by his owners and caretakers, UT-Austin benefactors John T. and Betty Baker.

Bevo’s retirement was announced earlier this month. He missed the Longhorns’ most recent football game — an upset win against rival Oklahoma — and the team is expected to be without a longhorn on its sidelines for the rest of the year while a replacement is sought.

“Bevo XIV was so much more than a traditional mascot — he was so big and strong, but he had such a sweet personality and a gentle soul,” said Ricky Brennes, executive director of the Silver Spurs, the group that cares for Bevo. “He loved the attention that came with being Bevo but was very cool, calm and smart. Like a dog he would come when called by name, show up to the house looking for treats and even roll over on his side so Mrs. Baker could rub his belly. He did so much for his university and community. His last few days provided great memories, but we miss him already.”

Bevo was born in 2002, and began his tenure as the mascot in 2004. In addition to routinely starring at football games, he was a regular at UT-Austin and Texas events. He attended the second inauguration of President George W. Bush, according to the university.

The search for his replacement has already begun. The school said it is looking for a longhorn with “the same majestic qualities as previous longhorns that have worn the famous Bevo halter.”


What a magnificent Longhorn! Beloved Bevo will be missed. Rest in Peace Bevo.

14 thoughts on “University of Texas Longhorns Mascot Bevo has Died

    • I think he had an amazing life. He was treated like royalty, which is a blessing. If only all steer could be treated like that!


      • That’s what I understand. I know that the guy that has provided most of the recent UGAs lives in Savannah, a rather nice place to live (Savannah was the setting for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”).

        Funny story Lewis Grizzard used to tell about UGA. He would lead the team onto the field… well, this one Saturday UGA pauses on the 50-yard line, rolls over and starts licking himself. Two ol’ boys are up in the stands, and one says to the other, “I’d like to do that.” The other says “That dog’d bite you…”

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    • I hate cancer! I’ve seen so many animals die of cancer and it seems that cancer diagnoses are more prevalent in animals today than they were in years past. I have to wonder: is it something in the commercial food we feed our pets? Additives, chemicals, etc. Makes one wonder…


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