Long week with an unexpected laborious job!

Some of you know that I have an online jewelry store (Accent Gem Designs). Well, I got an email last week that my shopping cart renewal was up, which of course I expected because it’s been a year since I launched the store. What I didn’t expect was the price tag: $599!

I did a double-take when I read that. Yep, that’s what it said. $599. And I said No fucking way! That’s absurd! Last year when I bought the store, I got in at an introductory price. You know how that goes…

So I called Godaddy to discuss the issue. First of all, I LOVE Godaddy. They have the absolute best customer service I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been working with them for years on various domains and websites. They are available 24/7, their agents are super friendly and really go the extra mile to answer your questions or solve your issues.

I get this guy Neil on the phone and told him there was no way I could afford a $600 renewal. He said, “Yeah, that’s pretty outrageous. Let me take a look and see what’s going on.” Well, here, the shopping cart store program that I bought last year was their OLD system. I bought it last October. Three months later they came out with a new shopping cart store program. He recommended that I transfer to that platform because it was so much cheaper and so much easier to work with…and it had built-in perks that I paid extra for last year with my old shopping cart (the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer encryption) certificate, (which by the way I just renewed at $70 a few days before I got the $600 email notice) and Search Engine visibility: I paid $35 for that last year). With the new version, those are packaged in so there’s no extra expense for these necessary add-ons.

How much cheaper is the new version, you ask? A LOT CHEAPER! I only had to pay $255. That’s a far cry from $600!! Plus they refunded me the $70 that I just laid out for the SSL certificate. Nice!


Noooo! I can’t do THAT! It took me weeks to build the last one! OMG, I was freaking out. Plus, extra pressure: I only had ten days until my shopping cart renewal would come due. The thought of having to upload every single item, all the pictures, the descriptions, setting up the credit card bullshit, the shipping, the search engine optimization…Oh my God, I was overwhelmed. But it had to be done.

So I rolled up my sleeves and for the last five days I been working day and night on the rebuild. I actually think it’s better than the other store. It looks much cleaner.

Now I’d like to invite you to check it out: Accent Gem Designs.

Take a look around, shop till you drop. And let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance!

Accent Gem Designs jewelry store

6 thoughts on “Long week with an unexpected laborious job!

  1. Hi, dear Michele! I could tell something was going on with you last week when you didn’t show up to comment on my BOTB results post. As you recall, you voted for Nancy Ames. Your vote matched mine but Team Nancy lost to The Stylettes 16 to 9.

    I’m sorry you faced so much work and hassle with your store site. I took a look around and found it to be attractive, uncluttered and is easy to navigate. Mrs. Shady will soon be Christmas shopping for her sisters, her daughter, our granddaughter and our nieces. I will make sure she knows about your shop. I wish you much success with it, dear friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thanks Shady! I appreciate any and all referrals! Mrs. Shady might be able to find my shop to be a “one-stop shop” with all the women and girls she has to buy for! 🙂

      Too bad Nancy Ames lost the battle but the Stylettes were a tough contender. It was a good battle!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my store. That really means a lot to me. Have a wonderful rockin’ weekend my friend! XOXO


  2. Oh wow! Well, it must have been frustrating to do all this but I love your work! First off-good for you for calling and getting the price down and having it all fixed. I have met many people who don’t take that initiative. I will have to show my hubby these one pair of earrings with are blue and copper and purple-my eyes went right to them. I will also show my hubby your work and see what he thinks for his sister.

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    • Oh thanks Birgit! I hope you find something that you like! I think you’re talking about the purple copper turquoise earrings. Those are gorgeous! I’m surprised I still have them frankly. But I had a few pair of them and all I have left is that one pair now.
      Re: calling Godaddy: I had to! There was no way I could afford a $600 renewal. That was just out of the question. I used to make my living negotiating (I was a media planner/buyer) so I guess it’s in my blood to always try to get the best deal that I can. 🙂

      Thanks for checking out my store! I appreciate it very much!
      Have a great weekend.


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