Notable Quotable: Loving Animals

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”    –Anatole France

I use this quote in my email signature. It is so true. I’ve seen people completely transformed from experiencing the love of an animal. I’ve seen people who were hard and cold suddenly become soft and loving after having a dog for a while.

There is something about sharing heart with an animal that changes a person. Look at the success of programs that utilize the caring for dogs by prisoners. And the enormous triumphs with autistic and special needs children after they’ve spent time with therapy horses. More and more hospitals around the nation are instituting animal therapy for their patients, using dogs and cats. That has to tell you something.

There is an awakening of the heart and soul that is unmatched in these programs, dramatically moreso than in any other arena. The takeaway: loving an animal is good for you!

I’ve always said that I like dogs more than I like people and that’s essentially the truth. Dogs make wonderful friends–they don’t lie or deceive, they don’t judge, and they don’t hate. They love unconditionally. That is something you cannot get from another human being, I don’t care how much someone protests that they can love another person unconditionally. Not possible! There are always conditions between people. Period. But not so with dogs (and other animals). Their love is pure and absolute.

So if you haven’t experienced it already, do yourself a favor and love an animal. Your world will be better for it.

Have you witnessed someone change for the better after bringing a pet into their life? Do you believe that one’s life can be improved just by introducing an animal into it? Have you experienced the special love shared between people and their companion animals? If you haven’t yet experienced this, what’s stopping you?


10 thoughts on “Notable Quotable: Loving Animals

  1. Great quote for today. Thanks, Michele! 🙂 “I’ve always said I like dogs better than people.” Me too! There’s nothing like that unconditional love, is there? It’s been proven that people with pets are generally happier.

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  2. I’ve had dogs as friends and companions in the past and greatly enjoyed their company. I wouldn’t want to have a pet under my present circumstances–more trouble than I’d care to deal with. If I lived in a more rural setting I might consider a dog, but I wouldn’t want a dog living in the house with me.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • You wouldn’t want a dog living in the house with you? Where would you make him live? Outside? Then why even have a dog, in that case. No offense but I’ve just never understood people who get a dog and then make him/her live outside. The way I view dogs (and pets in general) is that they’re part of the family and should be able to enjoy all that that entails. I know people do it (have their dogs live outside) but I just don’t get it. That’s only my opinion. Please don’t take offense because none is intended.


      • To clarify, I grew up in a household that had no pets. Then when we moved to Tennessee there were many stray dogs that resided in our neighborhood. I befriended several of them and would “adopt” one to care for as my own. It took great patience to get them to trust me, but eventually I bonded.

        These dogs wanted their freedom to roam–certainly not something condoned in most communities, but our neighborhood at that time was almost rural. My special dog, Blackie is what I named her, refused to come into our house even lured with food. Then once she got hit by a car and was severely injured. During her recovery we kept her in our finished basement/family room. Once she had some strength she went crazy down there, shredding the drapes and damaging furniture trying to get outside again. After that she was back outside, free to roam with the other strays.

        A lot of the dogs I’ve known seemed very content to be outdoors. Now if I had some smaller breed that was not as feral trending then yes, I’d probably keep it indoors.

        Arlee Bird
        A to Z Challenge Co-host
        Tossing It Out

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      • Oh, okay, I see where you’re coming from. That makes sense. That was nice of you to care for Blackie after she was hit by a car. That’s a sad but frequent occurrence with strays. You’re right, most dogs love being outside. Except for a lot of the greyhounds. Lord, these dogs are indoor dogs! Which is fine in the summer because it’s too bloody hot for them to be outside anyway, but when we go out and the weather is fabulous, I like to sit out on my deck and work. The dogs will be out for awhile but very soon afterward they all want back in. I’m always saying, “Stay out here in this gorgeous weather. Lay and roll in the grass, for cryin’ out loud!” They love going for walks though…

        Glad to hear that you’d keep a dog indoors so long as it wasn’t wild or feral. That makes me feel better. 🙂


  3. I’ve told some stories on my blog about taking my dogs to the nursing home where I worked. I had some beautiful experiences. I hope it doesn’t mean something is wrong with me because I prefer animals to people, but the animals never pick on me.


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    • That is soooo awesome that you take your dogs to nursing homes. I took my greyhound Maggie a few times. That was a long time ago. I need to get back into doing that. It really does brighten up the patients days, doesn’t it? Yeah, I need to get back to doing that…


  4. Oh how I agree with you! Dogs can be so severely hurt by people but still capable of great love and compassion. Yes! Compassion because if I was ever low or crying, any dog I had knew to come to me to give me comfort. They can show a happy face and get freaked out by the funniest things (I knew one who peed in fear when he heard the fridge go on). When I had my beautiful Lab, Katie, I brought her to the long term care home to visit my mom. Not only was my mom just thrilled to see her but so many residents just started to smile and beam. It has shown, proof positive, that animals reduce blood pressure and reduce stress and help people sleep better. We have Wallace, who is a rescue from Louisiana. He is lovable with us and the pussy cats but he has a phobic fear of the outside and hates walking. We believe he was shot at before we got him and this has stayed with him. We tried several things to help him but, I am scared of heights-phobic fear, so I understand where Wallace is coming from. I read where some dog behaviourists said to sit outside with the dog ton get him to conquer that fear, I was told this too. I tried to no avail and realized that if someone stuck me on the side of a building high up every day and said this will conquer my fear of heights, I would clobber them since it would only increase it! Dogs are heaven-all animals are

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    • That’s so sad that Wallace is afraid of the outside! He’s missing out on so much! I hope one day he conquers his fear. But you’re right: sometimes they just can’t. It’s like thunderstorms: dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms are not able to just shut off that fear. We just have to ease them through it.

      So nice of you to take your dog to see your mom in the nursing home. I know any time I’ve ever taken a dog to a nursing home, the patients just love it! People smile who haven’t smiled in years!

      If only all the world could see what we see in animals…


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