Battle of the Bands RESULTS – The Logical Song


Today the votes have been tallied for who did the best cover of Supertramp’s The Logical song. Wow, this was almost a complete shut-out! Out of 16 votes, Mindless Self-Indulgence (MSI) only received 1 vote! At Vance came screaming through the finish line with 15 votes, including mine.

I was actually surprised that Mindless Self-Indulgence (love that name!) didn’t get more votes. I thought what they did with the song was unique and I liked the stuttering and the electronics. But At Vance just did it better. I liked that At Vance, being a heavy metal band, did the song not too heavy. I can’t handle real heavy metal anymore…

So there you have it. As always, thanks for your participation and all your comments.

See you on the 15th for the next battle…

Rock on…

11 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS – The Logical Song

  1. This seems like the most logical conclusion to this Battle. Despite the nifty name, MSI was more annoying than At Vance. I’ve always hated it when I’ve found a group with a name that I really like and they turn out not to have a sound that I like. Can’t judge a group by its name or album cover I guess.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  2. Hi, dear Michele! Although I voted with you and the majority, I am very surprised by this outcome because heavy metal usually doesn’t do well in these battles. Truth be told I didn’t like Supertramp very much in the 70s and 80s so it is logical that I didn’t prefer the act that sounded like them, stuttering and all. My ge-ge-generation (old boomers who think they are still teenagers) loves heavy metal and I am pleased to learn that At Vance prevailed.


  3. Michele – I’m glad it wasn’t a shutout! One vote is better than none. That said, I really liked ‘At Vance,’ and was happy to have exposure to them. Hadn’t heard of them before now. See you Oct. 15th. Are you bring scary?

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    • I didn’t even think about doing scary music to coincide with Halloween. I pre-prepared my posts well ahead of time. I have all my battles done and ready to post through January 15th. And I didn’t think about Halloween or Christmas for that matter. Dumb me! Duh! Oh well. Are you featuring scary music on the 15th? That sounds fun!


  4. MICHELE ~
    I’m glad it wasn’t a shutout for ya. And I was surprised by how much I liked the heavy metal-ish version of the song.

    I still need to check out your David & David post(s) and your music list. I’m way behind on… everything. But I’ll get there.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’


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