Battle of the Bands Results – Ball of Confusion


The votes are in and the winner by a fair margin is Love & Rockets!

This was a tough one for me because I really liked both versions but overall I liked Love & Rockets edgy treatment so they got my vote.

The tally shakes out with 12 votes for Love & Rockets and 6 votes for Duran Duran.

I thought it was interesting how many people disliked the original Temptations version of the song. I LOVE it!

So that’s it for this battle. As always, thanks for your votes and participation. See you for the next round on October 1st. Can you believe we’re almost in October already??!

Rock on…


11 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands Results – Ball of Confusion

  1. Hi, Michele! It doesn’t surprise me that L & R won your battle, nor am I surprised that they received twice as many votes as Duran Duran. I enjoyed listening to and learning about these two competing versions. Thank you for reporting the BOTB result, dear friend Michele. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    • Thanks Shady. I owe you a visit. I’ll stop by later today!! Getting ready to head out now to join a friend for lunch…after I go buy dog food and dog treats. Can’t run out of that here! 🙂 talk soon.


  2. Hey, hey – my choice won! I like that, and Temptations’ version will always be a favorite. I was so happy you didn’t pit them against Love & Rockets.
    See you in Oct.


    • I am soooo thrilled about Autumn being here! It’s my favorite season and I’m so sick of the heat. I’m ready for breezy cool days. Still have awhile to wait but it’s close! Yay.


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