Buffalo Bills Fans to Set Guinness World Record Today!

And I’m confident that they will do it! What better game to do it at than against bitter rivals the New England Patriots…and Tom Brady’s first away game since Deflategate! Oh yeah, the crowd is going to go wild! I know Bills fans: we are loud and proud!!


Here’s the news article from SB Nation’s Buffalo Rumblings:

“Thanks to the efforts of one Bills fan, Guinness World Records is coming to Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday – and they might just witness a record for loudest outdoor stadium in the process.

Buffalo Bills fans will try to set a Guinness world record this Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium thanks to one fan of the team. Brandon Campbell started a campaign to bring a representative from Guinness World Records to the stadium in an attempt to become the record holder for loudest outdoor stadium.


After a few days, he had raised the $8,000 necessary to fly that representative in, and on Thursday received permission from the Bills to make it happen.

Reporters and cameramen noted it was the loudest they had ever heard the stadium this past Sunday when the Bills defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the season opener. Following a win, Bills fans are at an even more frenzied pitch, and to top it all off, the hated New England Patriots are coming to town for Tom Brady’s first away game since Deflategate. It should make for a memorable experience, one they hope will be the loudest of all-time.

The current record was set almost a year ago, on September 29, 2014, by Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium. It’s not a coincidence they were also hosting the Patriots, a team hated well beyond Western New York. Fans that day reached 142.2 decibels (via Sports Illustrated), which is louder than a jet plane flying 100 feet overhead.

With a seating capacity of 71,000 and change, the Bills will have almost enough voices to match Kansas City’s 76,000-plus. Wear your earplugs if you’re going to the game, folks.”  (article by Matt Warren. September 17, 2015)


Wow. How fun! Wish I were there!!! Tailgating parties are already in full swing. They are going to rock the Ralph today! I just wish I could see the game on TV. I really need to buy an NFL package…

So, who thinks the Bills fans are going to make the Guinness World Record happen today??

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Fans to Set Guinness World Record Today!

  1. Oh my….this is as far away from me as the Pope becoming Jewish:) I am …not a sports person even though I heard of deflatigate. I think that man was guilty by the way and yes I think they will break the record. You have a ton of fans in one place near the beginning of the season. These are the people who paint their bodies blue and crack beer cans on their heads-yes they will break the record:)


    • Ah, a UB grad! YAY! Well, unfortunately, Buffalo doesn’t have alot to cheer about right now. End of the 3rd quarter and the score is 34-13 New England. NO!!!!! And they did so well last week. And the thought of losing to the Patriots makes me sick to my stomach! Keep your fingers crossed. Those fans need something to cheer about!

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