Battle of the Bands Results – “Got My Mojo Workin'”


Thanks to all who voted in my battle of the bands featuring cover versions by Eric Clapton and Canned Heat of Muddy Waters’ “Got My Mojo Workin’.”

This one was pretty near a landslide: Eric Clapton took the battle with 12 votes vs. only 5 votes for Canned Heat.

I’ve always liked Canned Heat but the piano in Clapton’s version sold me. I LOVE piano!

Hope you guys enjoyed this battle and hope you’ll be back for my next one on September 15th. Thanks again for your participation. It is much appreciated!

13 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands Results – “Got My Mojo Workin'”

  1. Hi, dear Michele! I’m surprised this battle was so lopsided. I thought I saw plenty of people voting for Canned Heat. I enjoyed both versions but, in the end, the piano solo was the deciding factor for me just as it was for you. Thank you again, dear friend Michele. I hope you and your canine companions are having a wonderful Labor Day!


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  2. I thought Eric Clapton would win, but was surprised it was by such a large margin because the Canned Heat version was good too! One never knows how these battles will turn out. 🙂
    My next battle features a Muddy Waters song as well and should be interesting.

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    • Isn’t Muddy Waters great? I saw him perform live at a really cool venue in Niagara Falls shortly before he died. Like months before he died. He just came out and sat on a stool all night and jammed!! It was brilliant!

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