The Dog Did What?????

I had a few crazy days this last week, both ending with me saying “The dog did WHAT??!!”

First was Holly, a gorgeous white greyhound who I was sitting for the week. We were outside and I was watering my trees. I looked over and saw Holly going to town rubbing her face in the grass. She was really rubbing like crazy, and looked to be in heaven. I smiled thinking how cute that she’s enjoying her grass rub so much. She stood up and, horror, she was covered with grime.

What the hell? I called her over and her face, ears, neck and shoulders were covered in brown grime. What the heck was it? One sniff and I knew: she had been rubbing herself in dog poop! Why on earth would a dog do that??

Needless to say, she got a long luxurious bath pronto!

Then the next day, one of the dogs had gotten the pack of pork chops that was thawing out in the sink and consumed the entire package, leaving just shreds of styrofoam and plastic wrap on a dog bed in the living room. “Oh. My. God!!!” I said as I walked into the room, along with a few f-bombs. I went into panic mode, calling the vet right away to see if eating raw pork or ingesting pieces of styrofoam would have any ill effects. “Be on the lookout for diarrhea” was about all they could say. I guess the barbecue spice rub was just too tempting to resist. Thankfully none of the dogs experienced any adverse effects. I still don’t know which of the five dogs did it but I have a feeling it was my Luca…

bed buddy2

So it been a few days of me finding myself saying, “The dog did WHAT????”

I think anyone who has dogs has inevitably found themselves saying that at one time or another…or probably many times over.

What has your dog done that made you say that?


17 thoughts on “The Dog Did What?????

  1. Hi, Michele! Your dog stories remind me of my Cocker Spaniel Toto. For some reason her sniffer had its wires crossed. She regarded other dog’s poop as her perfume. She loved to roll in it. Dead lizards, too. She loved to get the smell of a dead lizard in her coat. Toto made herself scarce at bath time because she hated the scent of soaps and shampoos. We often found waste baskets overturned and the contents scattered all around the room and discovered Toto chewing “ABC gum” (already been chewed). She loved the taste of chewing gum!

    I wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend, dear friend Michele!

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    • Toto sounds like a character! I know dogs love to roll in dead things. I guess it’s instinctual: in the wild, dogs will roll in dead carcasses to disguise their own scent and confuse predators. Interesting creatures for sure! Thanks for stopping by Shady! ❤


  2. One of my dogs loves to eat cat poop. She will ignore dog poop, but cat poop is an irresistible treat for her. Ugh! As for rolling in stuff – this same dog loves to roll in stuff in the grass. Thank God it is not poop, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe worms. But she looks so happy rolling on her back in ecstacy, I let her. Then a couple weeks ago, my other dog came in looking so happy and proud – he had caught and killed a big rat, and he was happily displaying it in our living room. YIKES! I took a few pictures before we got rid of it (posted on facebook) – and you can see the look of pride and joy on his face, sitting in front of his prized dead rat. Dogs do provide a lot of entertainment along with their love. 🙂

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    • A rat! Oh Lord! I had a dead rat in my yard last year. Have no idea how it got there or when it got there because I poop-patrol the lawn several times a day. I kinda think maybe a hawk or some other bird dropped it. But I had two little pugs staying with me and they came in from outside: when they ran past me I was bowled over with the worst odor. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what smelled so foul and I went outside and found this big dead rat. Apparently they rolled in it. Yuk!!!! That’s sooooo disgusting. These animals are really something. What turns them on continues to baffle me! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story Lynn! ❤


  3. I have heard of dogs rolling in poop. I wonder why they do that? I remember once when my cousin’s wife was pregnant with twins he decided he would help her at Thanksgiving. He baked 6 loaves of cranberry bread and left them on the counter to cool Someone let the dog into the house and the dog consumed every bite of that bread. My cousin was pretty ticked!!

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    • 6 loaves of cranberry bread?? I would be pretty ticked off too! Wowsa! My dog Luca is a carboholic: he loves him some bread. He’s consumed whole loaves of bread before but never six!!! That’s funny…but it’s not. yet I’m still laughing…


  4. Luca definitely looks guilty. When I was growing up, we had a toy poodle. My dad took a class to learn how to groom Jacques. After every bath and grooming session, Jacques went out and rolled in poop. So there! he told my dad. I once had a box of a dozen doughnuts to take to work (no! I was not going to eat them all myself. I know how to share.). I put the box on the kitchen table, went into the next room to pick up my bag–which took about two minutes–and returned to find the late great smooth collie Faulkner licking the shredded box. Every doughnut was gone. He didn’t even get sick.


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    • Isn’t it crazy how much they can consume in such a short period of time?? Seconds, minutes and you’re wiped out! I can’t believe Faulkner didn’t get sick after eating a dozen donuts!!! Wow. Crazy dogs…


  5. When first married, Pete and I had a doberman named Maggie Mae that was like our first child. We usually took Maggie everywhere with us, except work. One weekend we left her at home for the day and came home to find she had knocked over the long rack that held all my potted plants in front of the double windows in the dining room. She had also, taken all the potting soil out of each pot and our dinning room was covered in an inch on potting soil!!! That is the messiest thing a dog has ever done to us.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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    • Wow, that sounds like a major mess. Hopefully Maggie didn’t get up on the couch or other furniture while she was covered with potting soil. What a mess!!! I can just imagine your expressions as you walked into the house and discovered her little mischief! Thanks for sharing your story.


  6. OK-fingers crossed-my computer is working! I love this story and oh my yes I have had the same issues. My dog Katie once grabbed my mom’s wonderful Rouladen (Do you know what that is??) and ate it right off the plate. Another time, my ex and I were at his parents and we were all camping there (had a large place). My Katie came back all happy and smiling and I hugged her only to find that she stank the high heaven…and so did I. She found Deer doo-doo! Dogs love rolling in this. From what I read, it is something from their wild days. It would take away their own odor when they went out on a hunt. OK I get that but must they be so proud of doing this?

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    • I do know what rouladen is!!! My mom makes it!!! Yum! Yes, I’d say the dog who got that was very happy! Thanks for sharing your stories!


  7. Oh, yuck; a faceful of poop! I’ve known dogs who love to eat it and that’s bad enough. Glad nobody got sick from the pork chops. Luca does look guilty. 🙂

    I was taking care of a Dalmatian named JJ years ago and he was a character. He tried to get a taste of another dog’s food one time and the other dog wouldn’t let him, so he lifted his leg and peed in the water bowl. Talk about making a statement! 😀

    Happy Labour Day weekend and Happy Birthday as well.

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  8. Sadly, I don’t have a dog. But I’m not really a dog person. At least no while I live in the city. If I lived in the country and could let it run outside, I’d be more in favour of having one. How did the dog get into the sink? Please keep your dog stories coming. 🙂

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    • Oh thanks Jeffrey! re: how the dog got into the sink: I have greyhounds and they can counter-surf by just walking by the counter. So he got into the sink by putting his paws up on the counter and then just stretching his neck down into the sink to swipe the package of pork chops! Knucklehead! 🙂


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