Greyhound Racing to End in Texas

Finally!! Here’s the latest news from greyhound ambassador group Grey2K, taken directly from their email sent out earlier this week:

grey2k greyhound benny of TX
“Dear Friends,

Yesterday, GREY2K USA learned that the last greyhound track in Texas was calling it quits! That’s right, Gulf Greyhound Park, the third and final dog track in the Lone Star State will close its doors to live racing by January 1…

Gulf Greyhound Park is one of the worst dog tracks in the country, and this is truly a victory for everyone who cares about dogs. Hundreds of greyhounds will now be released from their cages and given the second chance they deserve…

More than two thousand greyhound injuries have been reported at Gulf since 2008 alone, including broken legs, puncture wounds, a broken neck and a crushed skull. During the same period, 115 dogs died or were destroyed due to the severity of their injuries. Meanwhile, the amount of money gambled on live racing fell by 61% over the last decade. As a result, there were fewer and fewer funds available to care for the greyhounds, and at least one kennel worker was sanctioned for failing to seek veterinary care for an injured dog. Another trainer was also caught on tape using live rabbits to bait his dogs.

Once Texas racing ends later this year, greyhound racing will be legal and operation in just six states. Thanks to everyone who worked with us last summer to keep slot machines out of Gulf Greyhound Park. The track spokesperson has conceded that this was the last hope she had for keeping the aging facility afloat and acknowledges that “the economics of live greyhound racing have significantly deteriorated.”

Enough greyhounds have suffered and died while racing in Texas, but soon this cruelty will come to an end. Please continue to support our work until the dogs in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, West Virginia and worldwide get the same chance.

Together we can do it!

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director


This is a huge victory in the fight against dog-racing. Please consider donating to your local greyhound groups or national organizations like Grey2K. Greyhound Pets of America-Central Texas is one of the local Austin groups. I’ve been a GPA member for 16 years. Every dollar helps.

And always take the opportunity to sign petitions to end dog-racing (or horse racing). Your signature matters!

7 thoughts on “Greyhound Racing to End in Texas

  1. This is great news, Michele. Thanks for letting us know. I used to live two miles from one of the greyhound tracks here in Florida. I hope the domino effect will lead to the closing of all greyhound racing facilities in Florida and the other five remaining states.

    Shady Del Knight


    • Shady!!! You are able to comment on my blog now!!! How did you do it?? Was it the browser or the cache? I’m so glad to see you here!!! Many thanks for your continued attempts! All the best, my friend!


  2. Congratulations! What good news. My city of Jacksonville, Florida, used to have two greyhound tracks. Now it has one. I look forward to zero. I hate it when I watch a movie and characters hang out at a greyhound track. It glorifies a cruel so-called sport.


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    • They’ve bee working hard for years in trying to get the Florida tracks closed. I think the economy of the “sport” is going to be the end for most of them.


  3. This is excellent news because these dogs are so gentle. No animal deserves to go through something like this. Now if dog fighting is eradicated and those people never allowed to own an animal again, I would be ecstatic!

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