A Perfect Send-off for this St. Bernard

This is a fabulous story that I just found on Huffington Post. A dying St. Bernard’s final day is spent doing something very special indeed.

The dog named Sophia was diagnosed two months earlier with bone cancer. Anyone who has dealt with bone cancer in a dog knows that the prognosis is usually quite grim. Bone cancer is an extremely painful and aggressive cancer so there is typically not a whole lot of time between diagnosis and saying goodbye.

This dog’s human counterpart, Alyson Paige, wanted to do something special for her beloved animal companion. She wanted her to have one last amazing experience. So on her last day, she arranged for the two of them to go to the Chill Factore, an indoor snow center in Manchester (U.K.) because Sophia absolutely loved the snow.

The precious experience was caught on camera and shared on YouTube by the Press Association on Wednesday. This video and interview with Alyson will bring you to tears. The love that we have for our animals makes us so selfless and all we want is the very best for our precious family members. Sophia definitely had a very special send-off.

Godspeed Sophia!

Read the full story at Huffington Post.

Have you ever had a special send-off for your animal companion? Do you agree that it’s important for both you and your animal companion to make their last days special?

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