Julian’s Story

This video is the story of Julian, a dog who was cruelly shot, his front leg shattered, and he fended for himself before finally collapsing beneath a tree. Once found, his miracle story begins. To read more about Julian’s journey, click here for the full report at Viktor Larkhill, Extreme Rescue.

The video pretty much tells the story though. God Bless all those who helped this precious dog. Thankfully he has a very happy ending. This is a feel good video and will warm your heart. (Caution: the video is graphic only in showing his wound and injury)

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8 thoughts on “Julian’s Story

  1. I just don’t know what to say. I have tears in my eyes because this dog is so sweet and didn’t deserve this treatment. I would like to reverse what happened to the dog and let the shooter feel what the dog did. Thank heavens for angels on earth who found the dog , brought it to the vet and have the vet help him. He is a real sweetie


    • Doesn’t he just seem so incredibly sweet? What a disposition after all he’s been through. Oh how I wish I could dole out the punishments to those who abuse animals. How cruel to shoot this dog and then leave him to die. What drives such human behavior? I once wrote a revenge fantasy where I detailed what I would do to a man who was arrested for abusing a greyhound named Otis. It was a real case in Arizona and the man went to prison on several counts of animal cruelty. But it still wasn’t enough. Writing the revenge story helped me get through the grief that I felt for this poor dog. It’s kinda crazy. Some people have said the main character is actually psychotic but I was only basing the character’s actions on the cruelty that had been perpetrated on the dog. You can read it if you want. It’s long and it’s pretty graphic. It was one of my pieces for the A-Z challenge in 2014: https://angelsbark.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/j-is-for-justice/


  2. I’m sorry. I care so much that I can’t read this. I see stories every day about cruelty. I have had rescued dogs who were mistreated before they landed in the heaven of my home. I can’t take anymore. The pain others experience makes me cry.



    • You should’ve watched the video: he finds a beautiful life and gets around fabulous. You can see the joy in his expression. Sorry you didn’t watch the video. It’s a wonderful story of recovery and happy endings.


  3. Aww, poor baby! The first part of the video was heartbreaking and made me cry, but the happy ending was the payoff! What a sweetie Julian is! ♥ Amazing how well he managed with three legs.


  4. Oh, I cried rivers. Magnificent story, full of hope. I’ve been part of rescues like this, I know several three-legged dogs, and it’s a joy to see their recovery, both physical and psychological. What a fantastic foster family; I’ll keep fingers crossed that he finds a perfect forever home.

    Humans have a lot to learn from animals 🙂
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter


    • Oh you got that right, Guilie! We have SOOOO MUCH to learn from animals!! Thanks for stating that. Glad you liked Julian’s Story!


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