BOTB RESULTS: “Without You”


It’s time for my first Battle of the Bands Results post!

The song was “Without You” with contending versions by Badfinger and Mariah Carey:

Well, this has certainly been a great first battle! I’ve tallied up the votes and out of 16 votes, 8 voted Badfinger and 8 voted Mariah Carey. So I guess I am going to be the tie-breaking vote. I’ve been undecided all this week and I’ve just listened to each version two or three times in the last hour. As much as it pains me to say, my vote is going for Mariah. The reason being: her version is just so much more powerful than Badfinger’s. After hearing Harry Nilsson’s version for so many years, I’ve come to expect passion in the song and Mariah certainly has that. In my heart of hearts I really wanted to be able to vote Badfinger, and even moreso after reading the backstory to this song, but my ear pulls me to Mariah’s version. Badfinger’s just felt a little flat and knowing how much emotion went into the writing of the song, I didn’t think that emotion carried over into the singing of it.

So, my first battle is over and the winner is Mariah Carey. Wow.

I loved that the votes were split right down the middle though. That made it very exciting. Thanks to all who participated. Hope you’ll join me in the next battle on June 1st. Until then, rock on…

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17 thoughts on “BOTB RESULTS: “Without You”

  1. I so agree with everything that you said about Mariah’s singing. I voted however for Badfinger. But I like that you got to untie the tie! Can’t wait until your next Battle!


  2. That was a good first Battle. Interestingly the reasons why you like Mariah’s and Nilsson’s versions are the reasons I care for them less then Badfinger’s. I like the desolate nature of the Badfinger version, but then again this is the version I’ve listened to the most and I think that often has a bearing on our preference. So many late nights in the basement of my parents’ house listening to the Badfinger albums No Dice and Straight Up–love both those albums.

    Anxious to see what you will be offering us next round.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin’ with A to Z
    Tossing It Out


    • That is interesting! And yes, I believe you’re right, in that listening to the one version –and loving it– for years over the other version probably did play into it, at least a little bit. But your ear likes what it likes.
      I hope I can put together another good battle. Hopefully it won’t be like my first time bowling where I bowled a strike on my first ball then the rest of the night threw gutters… 🙂


  3. Wow! You got to break a tie with your own vote on your first BOTB installment. That’s Gr-rrr-reat! When you’ve got a contest THIS close, you can be sure you put together a fine Battle. Very nicely done!


  4. I agree with what your wrote because I felt the same way and it pained me to vote for that Diva but she sang it the way I thought it was meant. Great first BOTB


    • Hey Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! Are you more familiar with Nilsson’s version? Mariah’s sounds most like his version — and he was doing a cover of Badfinger’s. There are so many covers (remakes) out there and often times people don’t realize who did the original version. That’s what makes BOTB so fun for me.


  5. It’s my opinion that a tie means you have really put together an excellent BATTLE. I’m not fond of having to break a tie myself, but I love it when the votes are so evenly divided. Apparently, you could teach the rest of us something about this thing we call BOTB. Welcome aboard. See you again on June 1.


    • Thanks so much FAE! What a nice thing to say! Well, the pressure is on to keep coming up with decent battles. I hope I don’t disappoint… 🙂 Have a great weekend


  6. I felt the same way about it, Michele, but Mariah did a better job, much as that pains me to admit. Cool that it was a tie, right down to the end. This BOTB gig is so much fun! Looking forward to your next one! 🙂

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  7. Hi Michele – I didn’t realize I was so late commenting – forgive my lateness!
    I enjoyed your battle, even if though I was pulling for Nilsson! Of course I did finally vote for Mariah – nice that she won. Great battle!

    See you in June, (smile).


    • Thanks dc! I still don’t know who I’m going to feature for June. Will have to try to concentrate on that this coming week… Looking forward to your next battle. 🙂


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