It kinda looks like this at my house right now…

we were wolves once then we noticed you had sofas

It’s a dark Friday afternoon and the pouring rain is making music on the trees. I have five greyhounds here, all lazily stretched out, not a single one of them bothered by the booming cracks of thunder. So yeah, it kinda looks like this right now at my house. I’m heading to get in my pajamas and join them on the couch…

Oh how we love rainy days!!


16 thoughts on “It kinda looks like this at my house right now…

    • You guys are in a bad drought too. We’ve had significant rainfall over the last few days but sadly not near enough to rectify the drought situation. Glad to hear you had some rain out that way. I’ll do a rain dance if you will… 🙂


      • Where are you again Barbara?? We need A LOT of rain! We’ve been in a drought for the last several years. Everyone is on water restrictions. Not fun, especially not in the spring and summer when I want everything to be green and beautiful… I’ll take whatever you can send our way! 🙂


  1. Rainy days at home are great for reading, watching old movies, playing card games, simmering a big pot of something on the stove all day, baking cookies, or snoozing the day away. Twenty years ago, every time it would rain, hubby would say load up and we’d head out in the Jeep or 4-wheel drive trucks to ride old dirt roads and pipelines. A cooler full of beer and lots of good tunes to listen too.


    • Still comfy/cozy here the next day Debbie! It’s almost 1:00 and I just had breakfast. Haven’t gotten dressed yet even. I’m probably going to stay this way because I have no appointments, no one coming to the house today and my plan is to hang with the pups and visit A-Z Reflections posts. I even brought in my bed-tray from the garage, got that all cleaned up and I’m sitting in bed right now with two greyhounds laying next to me. The sun is going in and out of the clouds and we’re having short little bursts of showers throughout the day. Another day in paradise! 🙂

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  2. 5 big dogs in the house, is there room for you, lol. We just had a rain, enough that I stopped by yard work and now don’t feel like going back out, even though it stopped…shower and relax time I think


    • That’s the thing about yard work: once you stop, you’re done. At least that’s how it is with me. 🙂 You should see it over here sometimes Sandy: sometimes I’m wading through a sea of greyhounds. They’re all so lazy, they just lounge around most of the time, with their big long legs stretched out… It’s absolute heaven here!
      Hope you enjoy the rest of your day relaxing. Relaxing is always a good thing. 🙂


  3. Nothing beats curling up with the dogs and a book on rainy days. And hot chocolate takes it to another level.
    I have a mixed bunch here. A couple don’t like the rain and noise and so snuggle away. A couple love it so much they refuse to leave the porch. 😀

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    • Lol. I can just picture a bunch of dogs sitting on the porch, watching it rain. What a great visual! Thanks for that. 🙂
      And yeah, hot chocolate sounds good. In fact, it’s raining here again this weekend, and interestingly I have 8 greyhounds again right now! We slept in this morning. The dogs like to sleep in too on rainy days… I love that about greyhounds! 🙂


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