Hilarious cop!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for cops. And most men in uniform, truth be told. Uniforms are a huge turn-on for me, I admit it. So I couldn’t wait to see this Dash-cam video of a police officer from Dover, Delaware lip syncing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

I could not stop laughing. This guy is so funny. I bet he’s a blast to hang out with! Can you imagine the ribbing he’s getting from his buddies though? So funny.  Enjoy…


So, would you be embarassed if there were a secret dash-cam video running in your vehicle??



1 thought on “Hilarious cop!

  1. YES! I would be so embarrassed but this guy was so adorable! Does anyone know what his reaction was when he realized he was famous? I’ve seen this floating around but never watched it until now. Hysterical and yet cool too to let loose like that! Yeah, there is definitely something about uniforms 😀

    Thanks for posting this and making me smile!


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