Productive Weekend = New Jewelry Available!

It’s been a productive Sunday! I just finished making these latest “Accent Gem Designs by Michele” creations using colorful Rivershell coins, Obsidian, Imperial Jasper and Quartzite gemstones. These new sets have been added to my store and are available for immediate purchase. Stop by the Accent Gem Designs shop and browse around. To see these specific items, go to the Sets category.

And let me know what you think in the Comments section. Have any other suggestions of what you’d like to see next?


8 thoughts on “Productive Weekend = New Jewelry Available!

    • Thanks Debbie! I appreciate that! I do enjoy doing it. I find it very relaxing and I like that I can be creative while doing something mindless, or indulging in some guilty pleasure, like watching TV. 🙂 So good to have you back in the blogosphere!


    • Ya know, I’ve never thought about that! You’re talking about the Home Shopping Network and QVC, right? That is something I’ll have to look into. I’ve always thought you had to be “somebody” (famous, well-known, etc) but that’s my own limitation that I put on it without even truly investigating it. Good idea Lee. Let me check that out! Thanks for the idea…


      • What I’ve seen might be related to those networks, but on Direct TV (what I have) and on the cable company in TN that I was watching when I was there they had numerous different stations devoted to nothing but jewelry, both high end and low end. I’ve noticed even on our local L.A. over the air stations there are now jewelry programs. Opportunities abound and maybe there is something for you there as well.

        Tossing It Out


      • Thanks Lee! I had no idea about Direct TV and the local cable channels. Will definitely check it out! Thanks for the lead!!


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