Your old world departs only to make way for the new one.

                                                            ~ Alan Cohen


Whatever 2014 was for you, it is now gone. Take from it the wisdom that was instilled within you through all your trials, tribulations and triumphs. Resolve to use that wisdom to make for yourself a better 2015 and a better YOU!

For we all have it in our power to create our dreams, to reframe our thoughts, if necessary, and to forge ahead into a glorious future. But always be sure to live in the present, appreciate each and every day for what it has to offer, and then let all the tomorrows unfold naturally. Most important, BE HAPPY!

Wishing you all the very best that our New Year has to offer!

colorful fireworks display

21 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • And to you Lana! From your lips to God’s ear, right? Does that mean that this year I’ll finally win Publishers Clearinghouse?? :). Love ya, you free spirit you!


  1. Great advice on forgetting the old and being in the New! I already know my 2015 will be better simply because of knowing you my friend!! Love ya!!!!! And I have no doubt we can make 2015 our year! It’s all how you look at things 🙂


    • You’re absolutely right! It’s all how we look at things. I’ve been taking a Life Mastery course and it’s great for reframing your thinking! Have you done one of those before? I can get you info if you want to join our little group. Have a great day today. I forgot to get black eyed peas for luck! Does granola count?? Love ya Girl! See you sometime this year!!! 🙂

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      • 🙂 First, yes granola counts–it’s a healthy start, lol. That’s okay–I forgot about the lentils! I’ve never done the Life Mastery course. Sure send me some info! Love ya too and I hope to actually see you at some point this year 🙂 ❤ Have a GREAT day ahead and year ahead!!


      • Oh! I didn’t know about Lentils!!! I have some organic lentil soup. Yay, okay, well, i feel better now. Don’t want to miss out on any chances for good luck! I’ll send you the info from Judy, the group facilitator, later on this week. We have conference calls every Wednesday night at 7pm (Central time). Would be so cool to have you be a part of it! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOURSELF! ❤


    • I have a distinct feeling that 2015 is going to be a fabulous year Lee! May all your dreams and wishes come true…and have fun while you’re making them come true!


  2. Words so true. I LOVE your photos of your dogs here. I too, have a little dog, and have a blog about him but haven’t updated it in way too long. You make me want to go and do something about that! Thanks for the inspiration, and for dropping by my blog and commenting!


    • Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping by! Thanks for complimenting my babies. 🙂 Will look for your updates on your dog blog! What’s the address? Happy New Year to you. It’s going to be a good year, i’m convinced!


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