The littlest things fascinate me…

The littlest things fascinate me.

My dog just licked his chops 33 times…

How many times does it take for your dog to lick dinner off his lips? I just counted Picasso doing over 20 and Luca licked 33 times before he was happy enough to just go lay down after a good meal…

I’m just curious: how many times does your dog lick his chops after a meal??


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14 thoughts on “The littlest things fascinate me…

    • I can’t wait to hear your answer! I wish more people would provide the answer and let us all know how many times their dogs lick their chops after a meal: I’d really like to know! Let me know after you count Kilo’s. 🙂


  1. I haven’t counted, but it’s up since we let the mustache grow. It’s high after ice cream. The poodle licks clean his face, our lab used to run along the back of the sofa to clean hers off. : P
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


    • Sounds like a Lab! Good thing it’s the back of the couch and not the front!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting Angels Bark!


  2. You know, that is one thing I have never really paid attention to. Mine are fed in their crates and remain on crate rest for a while after they eat (to avoid bloat) so I can’t see their faces. You should do a video of yours. 33 times?! lol 😀


    • That’s a good idea, to video them! It was hilarious as I was counting last night. That lip-licking has always been an endearing act to me and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like they’re saying, “Yum! That was a good dinner Mom!” … and then it really tickled me when I started noticing just how many times they actually smack their lips! Keep an eye out on yours: it’s so funny to watch! Thanks for stopping by!


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