It’s My One-Year Blogging Anniversary Today!

How time flies! I can’t believe it’s been a year since Angels Bark went Live. Yet it seems like forever ago that I was struggling with learning that new and often frustrating language particular to WordPress. As of my last, I have reached 125 posts in this one-year period. I guess that’s not too shabby, considering that my goal was to post at least once a week and preferably twice. At least the average is right on.

I’ve had a great time posting this past year and have met some awesome bloggers along the way. I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the followers and visitors of Angels Bark! It’s nice to know that my words, thoughts, gripes and celebrations are being shared with such a dynamic group of people. I enjoy sharing in your lives as well.

For today’s celebration post I thought I’d share a sight that kinda cracked me up for a minute the other day. I was walking around the corner at the front of my house when something caught my eye up in the tree. When I looked up I couldn’t believe what a saw: a screaming monkey way up high wrapped around a tree branch.

(What is a screaming monkey? screaming monkey dog toyIt’s a dog toy and it’s enough to make one crazy from the battery-operated “screeching” sound it makes when the dogs bite down on it. Hence why it is one of the many dog toys that have been relegated to the backyard. And it looked much like this in better days):

My first thought: How the hell did a screaming monkey get all the way out here and up there? It sure didn’t climb up there by itself. No it didn’t. It had help from one of the many crafty squirrels around my property.

squirrel on tree branch

When I came around the corner and spotted the screaming monkey up in the tree, at first I stopped and had to ponder, but then I stood there and giggled, remembering a few days earlier having seen a squirrel attempting to scamper off with a different stuffy toy. That one he couldn’t drag up the tree, but obviously he has conquered the screaming monkey:

I decided to leave it there. The neighbors may not like it but it makes me smile. Hope this made you smile too…

Thanks for an incredible year!

4 thoughts on “It’s My One-Year Blogging Anniversary Today!

  1. I feel truly blessed that we have found each other and I so love your blog and your personality and the way you view things. You never cease to make me laugh or cry or just admonish out loud “I KNOW!”. Here’s to wishing you much success for another year and I look forward to reading your next post. 🙂 ❤


  2. Thanks so much Renata! I feel the same way: how lucky we were to have taken the same class at the same time. You’re the sister I never had and it’s so nice to know that you read my posts and share in my experiences. My own brother doesn’t even read my blog! (but he doesn’t do anything on the computer so I can’t feel bad, he’s just not a technology guy. He builds Harleys instead. 🙂 ) Thanks for your continued support! It means the world to me. ❤


    • Lol~ Yes, blogging can have that tendency to make you lose track of time and responsibilities! Thanks for your support Lee. I always love when you visit. All the best to you.


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