A Tree Bleeds

A Tree Bleeds (3)

The unintentional symbolism wasn’t lost on me. When I first saw it, I thought, “My God, my tree bleeds.” If it could bleed actual blood, yesterday would’ve been the day that would’ve happened. My Cherry Laurel, a tree of which I am quite fond, has a bad disease. It’s called Fire Blight. When I asked the nursery specialist how bad is it, he responded, “Put it this way: a tree having Fire Blight is like us having AIDS. It ain’t good.”

Yesterday was the attempt to save my very sick tree. It was advised that the only real chance the tree will have is if every single diseased limb and branch is removed and that they be cut back to at least six inches of healthy flesh. My ex came over and succeeded in removing all of the dead limbs and branches. I cringed when I saw the “bloody” bark. Of course I knew it was the coloring of the chain saw oil but it made me gasp nonetheless. Because I felt its sting. Being systematically dismembered limb by limb, after a lifetime of service –home to the hundreds of birds over the years, providing shade on hot summer days and enchantment on moonlit nights – had to hurt.

This tree has been a part of me for the last eleven years. My heart aches at its 50/50 survival prognosis. I don’t hold out much hope for it, after scrutinizing its bark yesterday. I can see that the disease has permeated its sturdy trunk…or at least half of it.

I fear that removing what we did yesterday isn’t going to be enough to save this big beauty. But at least I have to try.

We’ve put in a valiant effort, with Brian’s hard work in sawing off all the dead limbs and my help in yanking them down so they’d fall where he wanted them to.


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Will it be enough? Only time will tell. But today I’m feeling a bit melancholy. The thought of losing yet another tree pains me deeply.

I’m going to keep the faith though, and continue to do whatever I can to ensure that it recovers. Organic fertilizer is scheduled for this weekend…and tomorrow I’m going to summon the yard fairies and tree angels with a little sage and smudge ceremony. It certainly can’t hurt.


Have you ever experienced fire blight? If so, how did it turn out?

13 thoughts on “A Tree Bleeds

  1. Awww, how sad. And I am glad you have help with this. Yes, I hope the tree makes it, this is like surgery, and it could recover. Keep positive thoughts. It’s touching to see how you value life in all its forms – that is good. You are spreading love throughout the world. Thank you for this moving post. ❤


  2. I love your idea of the smudging ceremony. Perhaps placing tobacco at the base of each tree and offering a prayer and thanks would be helpful as well. Trees are so sacred. I remember the first time we had to cut down trees on our property because they were sick and the danger of the limbs falling on the house during the next storm was too great, I watched the tree cutters through my fingers in the safety of the house and just cried at the sound of the chainsaws and cried more with the THUMP of the pieces of trunk as it hit the earth. I feel for you sis, ❤


    • I totally get that Renata. I had to have a HUGE tree cut down several years ago and I just cried and cried as they were sawing it apart. Trees are so magnificent and they’ve always touched so deeply my soul that they’re almost magical to me. I love the idea of the tobacco offering at the base of the tree and was thinking of that this morning but not sure that would be too good for the dogs to get ahold of. I wonder what else I could use as an offering that wouldn’t be harmful to the dogs? Any ideas? Love ya Girl! ❤

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      • As I was making my coffee this morning, I thought about coffee grounds but that won’t work either. Caffeine is poisonous to dogs…


      • Oh I forgot about the dogs. I wonder if the tobacco from American Spirit would be alright? They are completely natural tobacco company. If not, maybe just the symbolism of offering it to the tree would be fine. Or perhaps there may be a knot or hole in the tree somewhere you can sprinkle it? ❤


      • I know: I have an old sage stick that I don’t think will burn very well so I’ll break that up and sprinkle it at the base. Yeah, that will work. Thanks for the neat idea. Will make the ceremony that much more special. Brian is coming over on Wednesday to do my yard so I’m going to wait so he can partake in the ceremony. He’s a big tree and nature guy too… Wish you could be here for it! I know you’ll be here in spirit though. 🙂


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