Funny Tee-shirts

tshirt 3I’ve seen some really funny t-shirts lately. My favorites:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be older. This CRAP is not what I expected. (Ain’t that the truth?!)

I’m having one of those days when my middle finger is answering every question.  (I have a lot of those days, actually)

Ever feel like you are ONE DUMBASS AWAY from completely losing it? (constantly!)

Some people say I have a bad attitude. SCREW THEM.  (yep!) tshirt 6

Sometimes I laugh so hard tears run down my leg (probably has something to do with age…)

I don’t have a Bucket List. I have a F^@% It List.  (and it’s getting longer every day)

And my favorite (because it suits me so well):

I’m a lady with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor.

tshirt 4What are some of your favorite t-shirt sayings?




8 thoughts on “Funny Tee-shirts

    • Good one Dona!! That cracked us up. Mom says Hi. We stayed up late making jewelry and drinking rum and cokes… Hey, You gotta wear that tshirt to the next board meeting!! 🙂


  1. I was never much one for t-shirts with sayings. When I used to wear t-shirts out in public on a regular basis I tended to wear ones showing places I’d been.

    Did you happen to see my recent post at Wrote By Rote? I did what will be first of an ongoing series about past concert experiences. I linked to your concert post from A to Z in April.

    Tossing It Out


    • Hey Lee. I haven’t seen your Wrote by Rote post yet. I’m on vacation in N Carolina right now, visiting my folks. Doing a concert series is a great idea. Can’t wait to read it. I’m going to head over there now. THANKS for linking to my A-Z concert post! Much appreciated!! ❤


  2. hahahahahahahaha the two you have here–Sometimes I laugh so hard tears run down my leg
    I don’t have a Bucket List. I have a F^@% It List

    BTW–I WANT that top T-shirt (the red one). Where did you find it?? This post is hysterical!


    • Hey Girl, glad it made you laugh!!! Love those sayings! I just found the tshirt on google images. I like the last one the best: I’m a lady with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. Yep! That be me! 🙂


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