I Double-Featured it today!

Who’s seen Into the Storm yet? FANTASTIC movie! I went with a friend to the early movie (noon) and we really didn’t know what to expect. I did see that Fandango rated it four out of five stars so that was a good sign. Well, the effects were outstanding and we found ourselves holding our breath in a number of scenes. There wasn’t just one tornado: it was action-packed with tornadoes! If you like storms, definitely go see this movie. Here’s the trailer:

And then, I went and caught another movie with my late-night friend. Most of my friends are early-birds but thankfully I have one friend who is a night-owl like me. We can call each other at midnight and say, “hey, you wanna go grab some coffee?” and sure enough, we both hop into our vehicles and find some open-all-night diner and chat until the wee hours of the morning. Ya gotta love friends like that!

Anyway, it was “Tough Guy Cinema” night at the Alamo Drafthouse and they were screening a 10pm showing of the classic 1979 movie, The Warriors. Do you guys remember that movie?? It’s kind of a cult classic now.

  • “Warriors…Come out to playaaaay” – Those who have seen this flick will know exactly what that line means. In fact the Simpsons did a parody on the scene that is hilarious if you’ve already seen The Warriors:

In case that Simpsons parody didn’t make sense to you, here’s a clip of the movie scene they’re making fun of:

This is such a fun movie. It’s not supposed to be a fun movie, I don’t think, but the acting is just so bad that we laughed a lot throughout the film. It’s a typical B movie. It’s about New York City street gangs in the 70’s. I love how the subways as you see them in the movie are exactly what they were like back in the 70’s. I was actually in New York City back in 1979, the same year this movie was filmed. I remember several parts of the city looking like it does in the movie. All in all, this was definitely a great pick for Tough Guy Cinema night! Here’s the original movie trailer from Paramount Pictures:

Oh yeah, and the music was cool. It was a perfect fade-out with Joe Walsh’s song “In the City“.

Fun day! And I still managed to get almost an entire section of my animal chaplain homework done! Yippee!

So what movies have you seen lately? Tell us about them…

15 thoughts on “I Double-Featured it today!

    • It was so good, Lee, I’d go see it again. If you’re not averse to going to see it in the theater, I highly recommend it. The effects and the sound in a theater setting just can’t be beat, in this movie anyway. Just my opinion though…


  1. Fellow night owl here! 😀 Thanks for the movie reviews. I haven’t seen either one of those, but that second ones looks like fun – high camp! LOL Always love a great soundtrack too. Speaking of, somebody introduced me to the music of a TV series called “Sons of Anarchy”. I’ve never seen it but the soundtrack is fantastic! Do you know it, Michele?


    • OMG, Sons of Anarchy is one of my very favorite shows!!! You watch the first one and you’ll get hooked immediately. It’s very raw and a real glimpse into the biker gang world. It’s very character based, the storylines are great and the acting, fabulous. The lead female (Gemma) is the famous Katy Segal (from Married with Children): what a role switch!! She is married to SOA’s writer Kurt Sutter. Talk about a gritty couple: a match made in hollywood heaven! Do you have Netflix? The first 5 seasons are up and you have to start at the beginning. There are only 7 seasons to this show and the final season is starting in September. You should get caught up before it starts airing. This show has a major fan base. YOU would love it, I know. Check it out Girl. Make it your weekend indulgence this weekend!


  2. Yes; started with the pilot and am now into season 2, episode 3, but it’s sucking up so much bandwidth! Jax isn’t really my type – too sloppy. LOL His hair always looks greasy and those baggy clothes! 😛 The Scottish guy isn’t bad, except for the scars. 😉


    • Oh, you have to see him cleaned up! Yeah, I don’t dig the attire or the greasy look. But he was supposed to be the lead in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Gray but he backed out of it. Not sure who is doing it now. On SOA, I find Tig to be very sexy. There’s just something about him… Even my mom thinks so! Lol…


  3. I’m not sure if I remember The Warriors but I LOVE B movies. How can you not with such bad acting and the music!! You must love Killer Clowns from Outer Space. One of my faves 🙂


    • I have never seen Killer Clowns! Clowns creep me out so I try to stay away from anything clown. But the title of it sounds very B movie! I’ll have to look for it.

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