Hallelujah, I say!

Golden Retriever mix


Well, it happened again. This morning it wasn’t my own klutziness that was the cause but instead a dog. We were out in the dog run, it still being very early morning, and I was walking with the dogs and, in particular, attempting to usher a precious little Golden Retriever mix to the grass so she would go pee already. Well, she got in between my feet and made me fall. And naturally, I hadn’t made it to the grass yet so I fell down, with a huge thud and a very loud UGH, on the brick walkway. All the dogs rushed around me and the Golden Retriever sat closest to me, looking guilty and sad. I surveyed the damage: a scraped knee, scraped hand and a sore and throbbing left boob. That one had taken the brunt of the impact.

As I sat there collecting myself, I realized that once again my big boobs had saved my face from hitting the pavement. The last time I was walking through a parking lot, not looking where I was going and tripped over one of the cement tire-stoppers and fell (almost) face-first. That time was a lot more bloody. That time I had to get the popcorn-counter-guy at the movie theater to get me band-aids. Today I just needed a little peroxide for the scrapes.

I sat thinking about all the years that I curse my endowment, yet today I was thanking God for giving me my double D’s. These soft mammary pillows-turned-air-bags once again protected my face. Thank you Lord, and may I add, Hallelujah for my big tits!


10 thoughts on “Hallelujah, I say!

    • Thanks Lynn! These built-in airbags have been helpful on more than one occasion and not just for face protection… 🙂


    • Yeah, I have to laugh Cricket, or else I’d be crying all the time! Much better to be laughing. Life’s one big comedy, when you really think about it…


  1. Yikes! Good thing you had the “pillow protection”. Funny post, but how awful you were hurt. Hope you feel better soon, Michele! I had my knee taken out by a giant Malamute in 1994. Dogs can be dangerous, for sure.


    • ain’t that the truth?! My ex was walking in the dogrun heading back inside and one of my greyhounds came full speed from behind and hit him right in the back of the knees. He went down and ended up at the ER! Good to see you here!


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