“Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.”    Ann Landers 

Great quote! I’ve wasted so much time and so much energy over the years and have disturbed my peace of mind so often by holding on to resentments.

It is true that one mellows as they age. As I’ve gotten older, I find that I am much more forgiving and I don’t hold on to grudges like I used to. And I find that life is so much sweeter because of that letting go.

Forgiveness grants us freedom! So set yourself free today: Think about the resentments that you’re holding onto and simply give them to the Universe. Breathe a sigh of relief as the heavy weight lifts and you feel the resentments dissipating into the summer breezes. And smile, because now you’re finally free…



9 thoughts on “Resentments

    • What a nice comment Writetowag!! I appreciate that. Glad it touched you. And yes, live free everyday is what we should all strive for. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks Frankie! It’s easier said than done, how well I know that, but it has gotten easier as I have gotten older. Life’s too short to hold grudges…


  1. Very true – love this post! Yes, forgiving and letting go – and it’s not saying that what the other person did was okay, it’s just saying that you are no longer holding onto it. And, of course, we need to forgive ourselves as well, and let go of the condemnation of our own mistakes. Beautiful – great post! 🙂 ❤


    • Ah, a good point you bring up Lynn! Yes, I can easily forgive others but I rarely forgive myself. I guess I’m not free after all. I need to work on that aspect. Thanks for bringing that very important point up! And thanks for being YOU. 🙂 ❤


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