6 thoughts on “Dear Kitten…

  1. Too many parts I like best to nail down, but “vacuum” got a laugh out loud. Isn’t that gray cat in a few other commercials too? Love the voice over too—I think that’s what really makes it!


    • Yes, the voice over is great! And yeah, gray kitty is in a Tidy Cats kitty litter commercial. I may post that one too… And I’ll never be able to ‘vac-uum’ without thinking of its alternate pronunciation! 🙂


    • Oh, and I liked the underwear drawer and “let’s be clear, that spot is for me” and the human larvae comment! Too funny!


  2. I just love this, Michele! 😀 That grey cat has gorgeous markings and I’ve seem him in so many commercials. So many funny bits; 360 degree foot smell, Vacoom….LOL


    • Glad you liked it Debbie! This spot just cracked me up. I love cats, wish I could have them. I have met some of the coolest cats ever, they’ve actually surprised me. I love it most when they purr in my ear! ❤


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