Corny Commercials

Does anyone else crack up at corny tv commercials? My latest favorite is the Chocolate Toast Crunch cereal commercial. I get such a charge out of this spot. I love those little guys singing, their feet crack me up and it also makes me giggle when the one laughs at the end.

Maybe it’s because my career was in advertising. But I think not. I think I just like these goofy commercials because they make me laugh. When this particular spot airs, I end up rewinding and replaying it two to three times, until I’ve had my fill of giggle.

So does this commercial make you laugh?

What other TV commercials crack you up? What are you favorite funny commercials of all-time?

2 thoughts on “Corny Commercials

  1. I think the commercials I like best are the ones that are so bad you can’t help but cringe–like ay Mentos commercial, and the new one for Verizon Framily with the hamster in the bowl–I just love that one because it’s so weird and creepy I can’t help but watch. Unfortunately those little cinnamon toast guys creeped me out because the one always ate the others and had such a big mouth and teeth! Fun post Michele 🙂


  2. Oh the Mentos commercials: I cringe too! They’re funny though. And i know the one you’re talking about with the hamster in the bowl: I still don’t get it but it is captivating nonetheless. Yeah I guess those little cinnamon toast guys can be kinda creepy. Their feet crack me up! That had to be a fun spot to produce. Glad you liked my post Renata. ❤


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