This Dog Knows How to Party!

This video shows how a greyhound/lurcher mix escapes from his kennel at night, after all the kennel operators have gone home, and he proceeds to free all his buddies for late night parties. The staff couldn’t figure out how all the dogs were getting out until they installed cameras.

Believe it or not, I have one very smart greyhound here now who can get the gate open between the dog-run and the backyard…EVEN WHEN I HAVE IT LOCKED! It blows my mind but he’s been doing it all week! He is one smart greyhound!

Enjoy this video of the doggie jailbreak:


2 thoughts on “This Dog Knows How to Party!

  1. Smart dog! This story really made me smile, especially the end result of him getting adopted. I once looked after a Shepherd/Husky cross who figured out how to open our front door. The inside handle was one of those lever types that you push down. Needless to say, after she and the other houseguests escaped while we were out for lunch, we changed the handle to a round knob. (P.S. No harm came to the dogs. We live on a quiet side street, right next to a school with a large back field. They just went for a run in the field and we managed to round them up fairly quickly.)


    • Thank God! That ‘s so scary when the get loose! Smart smart dog! Clever, crafty! Hell, i have some people who can’t figure out how to get out my door!


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