Innocents? I think not!

Look at these faces. Do they look like they could do total destruction? Well, these two are partners in crime. And what a crime they committed! Out of all the pillows I have in this house, and even just in the living –and let me just say for the record, there are 11 in the living room alone — they pick the one pillow that I love the most to tear to shreds. It’s a vintage pillow with an abstract design that COMPLETELY MATCHES a glass decorative plate with the same design.

And what a mess they made! I was picking up little itty bitty pieces of old crumbly foam filling from the ’60s all over the living room and out of the dog beds!

Here’s how I think it happened. It was definitely Luca who got the pillow off the chair because he always does that. But he usually just takes them to the dog bed and lays with them. Cleo, on the other hand, is behind the destruction, I’m sure. She is the one who tears all the toys apart and pulls out the stuffing. I wonder how well she liked all that old stuffing in the pillow?

Out of all the pillows here, they could’ve at least picked one from this decade! Arrrrgh…

Look at these faces. So innocent. I think not!

What have your little darlings destroyed lately?

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17 thoughts on “Innocents? I think not!

    • The eyes get me every time. I couldn’t even look at them when I was cleaning up all the crumbs of 60s foam. What a mess! And I was so mad. I loved that pillow! But I love my dogs more. After all, they obviously loved that pillow too, they just have a different way of showing it. :). Love ya Renata!


      • I had a cat that would do things like that but he was so lovable and personable that I would be furious at the things he broke and shredded, but when he looked at me with those eyes knowing full well he what he did, and slinked over to me and nudged my hand for a pet, I couldn’t stay angry. Love ya too Michele!


  1. Aww, how could you ever be upset with those adorable faces! 😉 Recently, Atka entered his lovely adolescent phase and he decided to shred some of my socks. Nothing like a vintage pillow!


  2. Oh – how frustrating, but how cute and adorable they are! When we had just gotten one of my doggies, he chewed up an old cookbook I had – I found pieces of the pages all over the house. My other dog, when we were first potty training her, we had bought pee pads for her to use in the house, and she decided they were toys and shredded them to bits! Yes, I hate losing something I treasure, but I agree – I love my dogs more than the things. 🙂


    • Lol! The cookbook! I’ve had books chewed up too. Some so bad they couldn’t be read anymore because 1/3 of each page was gone throughout the entire book. I can just imagine trying to piece together recipes! And it’s not like I don’t have chew bones and chew toys lying around: they’re all over the living room! They are like kids: they want what they can’t have. ❤ ya Lynn!


  3. They look very innocent 🙂
    I use to give my big puppy chewing bones enough, which until now has prevented him from destroying anything more than my jacket, as I use to wear for our walks and training. He bites it, when he is very excited.


    • That’s funny, he bites your jacket. Puppies are notorious for chewing things so you’re lucky that he’s content with the chew bones. I have chew bones here too but they’d rather have a vintage pillow apparently. 🙂


  4. Oh no! I can feel your frustration from here. Yet, they are so adorable you can’t possibly stay angry at them. 🙂 I once looked after a mischievous Dalmatian named JJ who actually ate the waistband from a pair of jeans I had left on a bedroom chair. Think Denim poop – for days! LOL


    • So true. I can only stay mad for a minute. And then I look over at them and start giggling. Life would be so boring without them! 🙂


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