Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

This is a great clip! Incredible too. A little boy is minding his own business, on his bicycle in his driveway when the neighbor’s guard dog, who is loose, comes over and attacks the boy, dragging him down the driveway, when seconds later the family cat charges and tackles the dog, chasing him away. What a hero! I love this cat! This is a premium example of the animal-human bond.

Also included in this CNN clip of the incident are the possible legal ramifications facing the dog’s owners.

What do you think? First, were you surprised by the cat’s protection instinct for her human friend? And what do you think of the legal questions raised in this incident?

11 thoughts on “Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

  1. Love this – it is all over our news out here. Amazing how this cat had such a protective instinct to go after that dog and protect her family member, I didn’t know cats would do that. Love it! Animals are so much more than we think and we really underestimate them. Great post! 🙂


    • Thanks Lynn. Yes, you are so right: people don’t give animals enough credit. They are bright, thinking, feeling creatures who are more than capable of establishing bonds with humans; they WANT those bonds! Love how this cat just body-slammed that dog and then continued to run him off!! So great that they caught that with their security videos! Good clear picture too!


  2. I thought this was amazing. The bond we have with our animals is such a gift. The same day I watched the video I also read about the dog who travels 3 miles each evening I think to sleep on the grave of his owner and they wait each night to close the gates for him. So touching and so honest. Visiting on the road trip, glad to have stopped by!


    • Hey Conlee, thanks for stopping by! That’s amazing about the dog who walks 3 miles every night! What devotion! And sadly, what depth of grief animals experience. I’m looking forward to stopping by your blog. Thanks again, fellow A-Zer!


  3. Bravo to the cat – good job! 🙂 I always thought cats aren’t as attached to their humans as dogs are, but obviously that’s not true, here. How sad that this dog is probably going to lose its life, because of neglectful owners. 😦 It’s always the owners’ fault.


    • I think cats are misunderstood. I have met some of the coolest sweetest kitties over the last few years. Yes, it’s very sad that the dog will probably be put down. But we don’t know that yet so I don’t want to jump to the negative. We’ll all keep positive thoughts!


      • Some cats I’ve met were sweet and affectionate, while others were aloof and difficult. This is speaking from my many years of experience as a pet sitter. As for the dog in the video, I’m all for positive thoughts, but that’s what usually happens. It would be interesting to know the outcome.


  4. This story goes to show that animals can be unpredictable in good and bad ways. I would hope that the kid’s parents will be able to recoup medical costs from the dog’s owner. Hard to say whether the dog should be executed without knowing its history. If attacks are common with the dog maybe they should make him join the military and go help the soldiers in hostile areas.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog


    • That’s a great solution Arlee! I never thought of that. But yeah, save the dog’s life and give it purpose. Brilliant!


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