Luca’s at it again: Monday Mischief

Yesterday afternoon I walked into my bedroom and said WHAT THE HELL??

Luca & My Buckwheat Neck Pillow 1 Luca & My Buckwheat Neck Pillow 2


Luca & My Buckwheat Neck Pillow 3 Luca & My Buckwheat Neck Pillow 4“LUCA!!! WHAT DID YOU DO??” Not only did he mess with my shoes which had been neatly lined up and get on the bed & tear that up -that’s nothing new– but then he apparently had one whooping good time chewing a hole in my buckwheat- hull neck pillow, and proceeded to shake it and fling buckwheat hulls ALL OVER MY BEDROOM!


And this is the culprit, leisurely lounging after the pillow shaking incident. Oh yeah, let me just mention that earlier in the morning I had vacuumed the entire house. Arrrrgh!

greyhound being a couch potato

Luca, who has found a new toy in buckwheat pillows…

What did your little darling do to get into trouble this week?

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18 thoughts on “Luca’s at it again: Monday Mischief

  1. Love your post – and I so understand. Aggravating, but then you look at that cute face and you can’t be mad. One of my dogs gets so excited when I open the back slider, he jumps-jumps-jumps with joy, but often he lands in the water bowl that is near there and makes a huge mess. So instead of happily going outside, I’m then busy cleaning up the water, trying to get it out of the carpet, refilling the bowl, etc… and the dog has no idea why I’m not going outside right away. Yes, life is sure interesting when you have dogs! 🙂


    • Oh I can just picture that Lynn! If had similar incidents and all you wanna do is go outside or walk across the room! I know I know… 🙂


  2. Wow that is certainly a lot of buckwheat you have en the pillow. I sure am glad that Luca can help you to remove the buckwheat LOL. Sniff and wags from Laika and Vaks.


    • He removed so much of the buckwheat that I just threw the pillow out. No use trying to sew it when half the buckwheat hulls are in my bed! Crazy dog. Luca sends puppy kisses to you Laika and Vaks too…


  3. What a big mess for you and right after you vacuumed. Our dogs are older now and it has been a while since they did something like this but I remember … oh, do I remember. Hopefully after you cleaned up the mess you relaxed with a Barkarita and celebrated Cinco de Mayo … you deserved it!


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