Z is for Zoo

You may remember that I wrote about my outrage at the Copenhagen Zoo for killing the young healthy giraffe named Marius. Well, just weeks after the public outcry over that abominable act, the Copenhagen Zoo has once again committed an atrocity by killing an entire family of four lions,

Copenhagen Zoo Lions killed to make room for young male

CC BY-SA 2 point 0 – Flickr

Young lion offspring of the family of lions euthanized at the Copenhagen Zoo

Morne de Klerk – Getty Images

a 16 year old male, a 14 year old female and two young offspring of the pair. Just to make room for a younger male lion. I was going to write about my anger over this situation but I don’t want to end the A-Z Challenge with a downer. So you can find out more about the incident, I’ve included a link to the CNN news report video about these poor lions who were put down before their time. If you Google “lion family killed at Copenhagen Zoo” you’ll find plenty of articles from around the world. This incident, along with the killing of Marius the giraffe, made international news because of the public outrage.

But instead of ending on a sad note, let’s end with a few giggles. Here’s a video of cute zoo animals. Enjoy. And be sure to see the Zoo Action Alert below the second video.

And another one:

ACTION ALERT: Zoos and Aquariums

Hundreds of millions of people visit zoos every year, despite increasing public anxiety about animals in captivity. If you want to make sure you’re at least visiting a zoo that makes efforts to be humane, make sure it is on the list of U.S. facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; internationally accredited facilities are listed here by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. If you want to see whether a facility has any recent USDA violations, you can search this database. You can report a zoo or aquarium to the USDA here. And if you want to become active against having animals in captivity, Peta and Born Free USA offer places to start.

11 thoughts on “Z is for Zoo

  1. That video made my morning, thank you so much. It’s a bummer about the lions in Copenhagen, but we shouldn’t get too upset about stuff like that. God takes good care of even His smallest creatures, so you know he’s got lions covered. Saint John even refers to Jesus as the Lion of Judah in the book of Revelation, referring to the day when Christ will return in all His glory. Out like a lamb, in like a Lion.


    • Well, we do know that those lions are in a better place now, a place where there is no evil. Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for reading my post. I’m glad you liked the videos! All the best to you and Happy Blogging!


    • I so understand about not being able to read about that stuff. I have a hard time and sometimes I just can’t bear it. But unfortunately some of us have to read about it in order to know what’s going on out there and to be able to work together to create positive change. I get PETA emails about undercover investigations, etc and sometimes I just can’t even open them. So I know how you feel. And I’m soooo happy that you liked the videos! Can’t believe the A-Z is over. It’s been so fun! And so fun getting to know you better! I’ve really enjoyed all your posts! You’re on my blogroll so I’ll be keeping up… 🙂 Love ya!


    • Glad you liked the videos Shari! And thanks for the Congrats. It was a big deal, really. a lot of work and a lot of time for sure. Can’t wait to do it with you next year! talk soon. ❤


    • WE did it! Congrats to you too! It was fun. Very time consuming but really fun. I enjoyed it immensely. Did you? Are you going to do the A-Z reflection on May 5th? I was thinking about posting a note today but I’m taking a break from my blog for today. So how often do you think you’ll blog now? I’d like to post 3x per week. That’s going to be my goal… Actually I probably need to post the Survivor badge. Better go get the code. Okay, I’ll take a break tomorrow. 🙂


      • Thank you! I can’t believe we’re done! I agree–very time consuming and stressful at times but so worth it. Yes, I was thinking of doing the May 5th reflection, so I’ll “see” you there! Before this challenge I was posting once a week and I’d like to do at least that again. Maybe up it to 2 depending on other commitments. I just posted the code on our FB page for the survivor badge that should work. It did for me. Enjoy your day 🙂


  2. Oh, it hurts so much to read about the lions – it is so hard for me to see that stuff. But thank you for bringing it out in the open – that’s the only way these things can be stopped. But it breaks my heart and hurts me down to my soul. However, I did love the videos – very cute! Great post – I was hoping your “Z” would be Zoos! 🙂


    • Thanks Lynn! When I started to write about zoos, I just have such a hard time being objective because I’m too aware of the abuses that go on. Keeping these animals in captivity, it just hurts…but zoos exist. That’s why I put that zoo alert at the end. I love seeing the animals too so long as they’re on the humane zoo list, then it makes it at least bearable. Glad you liked the videos. I cracked up especially at the baby elephant who just flung himself in the pool and the penguin who made that oh so graceful step down! Lol. Still reeling from your Zen post! It was sooo good! 🙂


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