T is for Tree


On Life & Love

In Life,

I am a young oak. Live Oak tree

My roots firmly intact, I’m grounded.

I stand tall, strong and proud.

Forever surging upward, mighty maturity evolving.

I weather the harsh elements and massive storms.

Undaunted, I reach higher and higher.

In Love,

I transform into a tumbleweed.

Defenseless against the slightest wind,

I crumble to dust.    Tumbleweed and shadow

©Michele Truhlik

Ironically, while I was posting my poem, I came across a recent video news story on tumbleweed invasions. If these tumbleweeds are anything like me, there sure are a lot of them running from love:

Mother Nature Network's news story: Tumbleweeds menace the west

Mother Nature Network’s March 17 2014 story on menacing tumbleweeds

Copyright © 2014 Michele Truhlik. All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “T is for Tree

      • Hooray! Technology is great until it doesn’t work. I was without phone service all day yesterday. apparently the service guy that came over to work on my security system broke one of the phone wires when he was putting the wires back in the wall and then the guy who came to fix the phone situation broke a wire to the security system! What a colossal nightmare that was for 24 hours. Anyway, glad your wordpress is cooperating again! Thanks for your comments and your tweets!!


    • Thanks Stepheny! I appreciate that! I’ll stop by your place later this evening. Have to run feed the puppies now… 🙂


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