S is for Soul Purpose

This Journey is Yours Alone

We all have a destiny. We all are in this life working to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Perhaps we’re just getting started. Perhaps we failed –or didn’t quite make it—in our previous lives. If we listen closely and pay attention, our soul’s purpose will be revealed to us. We will feel a calling, a tug that pulls us in a direction that might seem to be veering us off a current course or path. When we resist, the tug is strong and persistent. That’s when we have to heed the call and start following the direction in which our soul is pulling us.

It is with deep certainty that I believe my soul’s purpose and my calling is to be an animal chaplain. I am choosing to devote my life to the animals and the people who love them because of how I feel when I experience this:

I have looked into the eyes of many animals

So what is your soul’s purpose? How have you come to know it?

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9 thoughts on “S is for Soul Purpose

  1. I’m not entirely sure if I believe in a “purpose” as in I was BORN to do something. I definitely believe that our characteristics, talents and interests define a path (or paths) for us that’s more suited than another and that makes us more fulfilled than any other. I can’t say I’ve found it yet. But I’m getting there 🙂
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  2. Somehow, some way, whether through my yoga teaching or my writing or my art or however else I can, I feel that my purpose is to show people who never thought they could, find out they can. Fill in the blank with whatever it they thought they couldn’t do. When I was a kickbox instructor I deeply enjoyed working with people and helping them celebrate doing things they never thought they could before. I felt the same whenever I taught yoga. And now, with my writing, based on comments I get back, I feel that I inspire some people to be able to write things or take things deeper (:-)) then they ever thought before. You seem perfectly suited to being an animal chaplain. Your caring and loving nature comes through with each photo and post 🙂


    • Inspiration must be your middle name! Isn’t it fun to discover what we are good at and isn’t it interesting that what we find in ourselves to be what we are most good at usually involves in giving our gift to others? I used to love kickboxing, btw. I need to get back into that! Thanks so much for sharing. Great comment!


  3. What a great post – I love this! And that is perfect for you – to help animals. I’m not sure what my purpose is. My passion is definitely animals, but I’m not sure what to do about it. 🙂 Great post! ❤


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