Q is for Que Sera, Sera

QQue Sera, Sera. Whatever will be, will be. This Spanish saying was made into a song, written by songwriting team Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, and later made wildly popular when Doris Day sang it in the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and went on to become Doris Day’s signature song. I remember hearing it when I was young and asking my mom what it meant. It stuck with me then, as it sticks with me today.

Whatever will be, will be. I believe that. I believe in predetermination. I believe our fate is predestined, that our soul has a purpose and we live our lives, albeit unconsciously for a great bit of it, working to achieve that purpose, even with our free-will fully operational.

I believe that if it is supposed to be, then it will be. “If it’s meant to be, it will be” is a saying I often heard growing up when faced with some of life’s anxious moments, the yet unknowns, the disappointments and my own failures. It was something that was supposed to make me feel better about situations and outcomes, especially when I was nervous or displeased. And, truth be told, it actually did help lessen the sting and ease the pain if disappointment or heartbreak was the end result.

I believe in a Higher Purpose and that there is a reason for everything. I trust there is no such thing as coincidence. I accept that things happen for a reason, that people come into our lives for a reason –some for a lifetime, some for just a season, some for mere moments– and that every action has been orchestrated through the urging and guiding of our angels.

Even so, I do believe that we have free will and free choice. If and when our angels try to sway or persuade us one way or another, we still have the freedom to make the ultimate choice. It is at those pivotal forks in the road where we exercise our free-will ability to achieve, or not achieve, that right path for our soul purpose. This is where I think past lives come into play. If we happen to choose a path other than the one that has been ultimately planned for us, we play out the consequences of that decision until another time in another life, when we are once again presented with the opportunity to choose our right road. And this goes on and on throughout our multitudes of lifetimes until we get it right.

What helps us navigate this lifetime is our intuition. Our gut instinct, that strong urging that pulls us one way over another, is, I believe, our angels whispering to us the right direction.

Mihaly von Zichy painting

Angel Whispering to an Odalisque by Mihaly von Zichy (1827-1906)

It’s when we happen to go against that gut instinct and make a bad decision that we learn for the next time… IF, that is, we open ourselves up, IF we open our hearts and our minds to the possibility (in my case, the probability) of predestination, then our future actions will be carried out with more careful consideration as we will have (hopefully) learned to listen to our intuition and trust our destiny.

Que Sera, Sera: if nothing else, its meaning sure helps us endure life’s big tragedies and little disappointments along the way.

What about you? What do you believe? Do you believe in fate?

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10 thoughts on “Q is for Que Sera, Sera

  1. For me Fate and Destiny are differing paths. Fate being determined by outer sources that whirl us wherever, whenever, however. Destiny being a healed path, a self determined journey that is born of our wide awake, conscious evolution and clear desires to be, do and have that which tickles our spirit.
    Great blog post, Michele – thought provoking, inviting and a sweet walk down memory lane. Warm hugs, happy spring and here’s to hoping your four legged friends don’t eat the daisies!


    • Thanks Jasmine! I love your definition of destiny. And that’s a hilarious comment about “don’t eat the daisies”!!! Ya gotta love Doris Day! 🙂


  2. Great blog, Michele – fascinating and thought-provoking. I believe we have choices every day, every moment, and that all of our choices and decisions ARE our path. I believe our path is finding our way back to source, to All That Is, and we find our way by making both right and wrong decisions. All those choices, and the consequences of what we choose, help us get more and more in touch with our intuition, our gut, our heart, our soul, and all of that leads us where we need to go – and the more open we are, the more in touch with it we are, the more direct our path will be. Love your post! ❤


  3. I really loved this post. Wasn’t Doris Day the bomb?

    I was once on a path and headed to a dark place. Due to circumstances, I discovered a different path and I’ve been on it just a little over 12 years. I’m a seeker.


    • Thanks Susan! A seeker: great descriptive term! 12 years of seeking: you are a wealthy woman now, collecting all along the way all that came with seeking, the riches of discovery. Wonderful!


  4. Love your post! For me once on an awakened path we can’t fall off or leave it, we can however decide if we want to deepen it, widen our wisdom, share ourselves, and discover finer insights. I loved this song and its freedom to not be disappointed with outcomes/expectations. I also took it a step further and lived by the phrase that if I missed an opportunity that was meant for me to have it would come back around – in other words there are no missed opportunities, just bad timing or blurred vision 🙂 on our part! So much to ponder – stay present to the moment and live fully ❤


    • Great comment Teri! Thanks. I love your take, especially your ” no missed opportunities, just bad timing or blurred vision.” Love that! Thanks so much for sharing! ❤


  5. I actually read this yesterday morning but didn’t have a chance to do more than “like” though of course I had the song in m head all day! I couldn’t get the way you phrased “If and when our angels try to sway or persuade us one way or another,” out of my head. It really stuck with me and I never thought of them doing that. What do I believe in? Do I believe in fate? Not sure. I do believe that we all have a destination to get to in our lives but that there are many, many ways we can get there. I do firmly believe that there are some things we are just meant to do or get to and one way or another we’re going to go through the experience. Depending on if we realize what is really happening will determine how often that happens though. I really liked this post!


    • Thanks Renata! It’s funny how that song really sticks in your head, isn’t it? Yeah I totally believe that our angels whisper to us and that’s what makes us look at things. Every time I lose something I ask the angels to whisper to me where to look and I always end up finding whatever I was looking for. I have some stories that may be hard to believe if you’re not a believer… I love that painting that I found to put in the piece (the whispering Angel). I agree there are many things we are just meant to go through in this life. I’m glad you liked the post! Thanks!


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