N is for Napping





Well, I was going to do my N post about my New Deck,

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but who really cares about that besides me? So then I was trying to figure out what N word I wanted to write about when in fact all I really wanted to do was take a NAP. Well, there ya go.

There’s always a lot of napping going on around here. I enjoy taking a good nap like anyone else, but there are a few here who have turned it into an art form. Take a look:

 So, take yourself a little break from the A-Z Challenge and grab a good nap! That’s what I’m doing. See ya on the flip side…

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10 thoughts on “N is for Napping

  1. Hahahahaha – I love this! I love your deck too – it’s gorgeous. But yeah, napping! Your dogs are soooooo cute and funny! I especially love the one on the bed in front of the fireplace – so funny! Love these!!! 😀


    • Thanks Lynn. Yeah, the guy in front of the fireplace is Benny. He was such a goof. He just always let it all hang out! 🙂 Hey, did you notice the ORB in one of the pictures?? It’s on the back of the couch in between two dogs. See if you think it’s an orb. To me, there’s no doubt it’s an orb but would love to get another opinion. Thanks for the compliment on my deck too. I do love it! 🙂


    • Thanks Rebecca! Isn’t napping the best way to get rest? I get better sleep when I nap than sleeping at night. The dogs have taught me well… Thanks for stopping by!


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