Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop- 4/14/14

My Luca has always been a thief. If anything goes missing in the house, he’s the first one I blame. And usually, with a little searching, I’ll end up finding what I’m looking for buried under the dog toys or on a dog bed somewhere. He doesn’t destroy anything, he just moves things around. Shoes, socks, blankets, towels, pillows, my clay heating pad…

This is not an atypical scene:

sneaker thief

sneaker thief

dog with owner's sneaker

“I just like to feel close to you, mama.”








or this:







These were taken yesterday. Now if he could just learn to keep the pairs together!

photo 2 photo 1












Monday Mischief Pet BloghopThis post is part of the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. I just hopped from Snoopy’s Dog Blog. You can see the other participants’ mischievous posts here:

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14 thoughts on “Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop- 4/14/14

    • Yeah, chewing would definitely make that a problem! As it is, it’s kinda cute how he likes to lay with the personal belongings. I came out the other day and he had been trying to get a blanket out of the laundry basket and it got stuck so he dragged the whole basket full of clothes out into the living room! I came around the corner and “What in the world??!” Lol


  1. How cute! One of our dogs loves to snuggle into anything that smells of us – dirty laundry, towels, etc. So now I keep a small pile of used towels on the floor, and she snuggles into that and sleeps there every night. When the pile gets big enough, I wash them all, then start the pile over again… ❤


    • It’ll stop being cute as soon as he rips up my vintage pillow or wrecks my sneakers. He did chew up some shoe laces though… :). Thanks for stopping by!


    • Lol! I never looked at it that way but yeah, you’re right! I have pairs of slippers and crocs all over the house; they’re just never in the same room with the other one! For example, I’m looking right now and there is one slipper in the living room, i know the other is in the bedroom, one sock in the living room, not sure where the other one is and one Croc in the living room, the other in the laundry room! Crazy dog!


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