Secret Military Animal-Killing Exposed!

This is disgusting and how this can be going on when there are viable non-animal alternatives is just unbelievable. And what is this doing to the minds of those military soldiers? Are they being traumatized? Are they being conditioned to like killing? What does this do to their compassion?? Here is a link to the post from this breaking story, and the actual copy from their site pasted below. If you are so moved, please help spread the word about this: people need to know what is going on. Showing outrage can affect change in policy, as you will read below. So please, take a minute to help open the eyes of those who aren’t aware of these horrible practices.

PETA exposes cruel use of live animals in trauma training


PETA’s expose on cruel military trauma training on animals and plea to take action to end it


Taken from PETA’s website:

Recently released photographs showing live pigs as they’re being shot illustrate why we need your support today for the campaign by PETA to end cruel military trauma training on animals. We’ve made tremendous progress already, but your support now is critical to helping us promote modern, superior non-animal methods of training and testing.Pigs and other animals suffering in these exercises need us to stop their miseryPlease donate now and help PETA continue to expose and stop animal abuse and exploitation. The never-before-seen photographs obtained by PETA and released on our website reveal the invasive and deadly trauma training exercises taking place at a secret facility in Denmark. The British military participates in these exercises, informally known in military circles as “Danish bacon.”Photographic evidence shows live pigs hanging upside down in a shooting range, tied by their legs to a wooden frame, their bodies marked with targets. They were about to be shot with rifles and pistols, intentionally leaving them with bloody wounds, broken bones, and severe organ damage. Dead and dying pigs were put on stretchers, and maimed and bleeding pigs who survived would then have invasive surgery performed on them to patch them back together.You may recall that like the drills undertaken by Denmark and the U.K., PETA has previously reported that the U.S. military stabs, shoots, dismembers, burns, and kills nearly 10,000 animals each year and that the Canadian military cuts up and poisons live pigs with toxic chemicals. This continues even though strikingly life-like human-patient simulators that breathe and bleed are available and all these countries have laws and regulations stating that non-animal methods should be used whenever possible. There may be no Geneva Convention to protect these animals, but as the heartbreaking photos reveal, these exercises are torture for the animals condemned to participate in them. Your generous gift today will be put to work immediately to strengthen PETA’s vital efforts to save pigs and other animals who desperately need our help.

As a direct result of horrific undercover video footage released by PETA that showed a Coast Guard medical training course during which participants and instructors whistled and laughed while using tree trimmers to cut the limbs off semiconscious goats, the Coast Guard recently enacted a new policy that reduces its use of live animals in these cruel and deadly medical training exercises by more than 50 percent. But we have to push forward to replace this crude training completely with modern and superior medical simulation methods. PETA convinced the Army to make a similar move last year and has successfully urged bases across the U.S. to end animal use in training drills. 

Not only are training exercises on animals cruel, they’re also leaving soldiers less prepared for the challenges that they’ll face on a modern battlefield. Multiple military and civilian studies have shown that medical-care providers who learn trauma treatment using simulators that accurately mimic human anatomy and physiology are better prepared to treat injured patients than those who are trained in deadly animal laboratories. A study coauthored by PETA and military medical experts found that more than 80 percent of all NATO nations no longer use any animals to train military personnel. In 2013, after discussions with PETA, Poland became the 23rd of 28 NATO nations to replace animal use for military training with cutting-edge simulation.

PETA and our affiliates are at the forefront of global efforts to stop cruel training exercises such as those being conducted in Denmark, the U.S., and elsewhere. As a result of international pressure from PETA and its affiliates, the few NATO nations still using animals for this training—the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Denmark, and Norway—have recently acknowledged that their military animal laboratories are under “significant scrutiny” and may have to be “completely eliminated.” They’ve launched an effort through NATO to identify which simulation tools they can use to make the switch.

Yet despite numerous civilian and military studies documenting how modern human-patient simulators better prepare soldiers to perform lifesaving procedures, the U.S. military continues to shoot, stab, and mutilate pigs and goats in cruel training exercises and the Canadian military is cutting up and poisoning pigs. We need your help to halt these terrible training drills. 

Will you support PETA’s efforts to expose and stop the cruelty inflicted on pigs and other animals by donating online right now?

Thank you for all that you do for animals.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Despite growing global acceptance of more effective, humane non-animal trauma training methods, the U.S., Canadian, and other militaries continue to send soldiers to participate in cruel exercises such as those that PETA recently helped expose. Please stand up for pigs and all animals who need our help today with your gift right now.



6 thoughts on “Secret Military Animal-Killing Exposed!

    • And whatever happened to “the best a man can be” and the other military recruitment and positioning statements. Doesn’t sound like any men I’d want to know. I hate people. Give me a world with just animals and I’d be totally happy!


      • They say that it takes a lot of ‘training’ (brainwashing?) to make people able to hurt each other. I suppose all military training is about turning sane people into killers. They add the aspirational stuff so that soldiers and the people who pay for them can sleep at night. It just disgusts me.


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