Monday Mischief

This is my first post on the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. This is Jada, one of my guest dogs and this was the little mischief she got into while she was visiting here a few years ago. She took every roll of toilet paper out of the basket in the bathroom and TP’d my living room! I LOVE the expression on her face! So innocent.

greyhound toilet paper's the living room

“Toilet paper? What toilet paper??”

"I can see you don't think this is as much fun as I found it to be..."

“Okay, I admit it. And I can see you don’t think this is as much fun as I found it to be…”

The toilet paper just wasn’t enough. She also added a pair of sneakers, one pink Croc, a file folder and a few stuffie toys to her redecorating project. Apparently all the other dogs just laid there and watched, maybe supervised.

greyhound mischief

Jada surveying the aftermath

Jada was a fabulous, sweet, loving girl and is so very missed. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge where, I’m told, they have unlimited supplies of toilet paper…

Monday Mischief Pet Bloghop

This is the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. I’m hopping from SnoopysDogBlog by way of DogDaz. You can check out the other participants with the link below.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. My dogs are not particularly destructive but toilet paper is their weakness. If it is on the roll they will leave it alone but if someone forgets to put it on the roll, it’s fair game! I have come home to scenes like this many times.


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