Remembering Bella

Bella was my second greyhound. She came to live with me and Maggie in 1999, about six months after I got Mag. Bella’s story is heartbreaking, from her unfortunate beginnings and then her tragic end. I first met Bella when she came into the foster program with the greyhound adoption group. When I met her she was a mess! She had been out in the wild so long, having escaped from an illegal racing ring, that she had developed a horrific case of mange. She literally had no fur! Her entire body was furless. Only her face had some sketchy patches of fur. No one even knew what color she was going to be when her fur came back in. Yet when I looked at her face, I saw an incredible beauty. That’s how she got her name, btw. She was so beautiful and the lovely French word belle suited her so.

Bella Lure Coursing. Triple Crown, Hutto, 01-11-04 004

The adoption was quickly finalized and she came to live with us. Boy, was that ever a long settling-in process. Bella was a very frightened dog. So frightened that she was reluctant to even eat! I had to gently pull her to her food and let her know that it was okay to indulge in that big bowl of kibble in front of her.  It was obvious that she had suffered abuse at the hands of those who had once held her captive. When I’d reach down to pet her, she’d cower. Every time I’d move, she’d shrink down, head bowed, tail tucked. I knew instantly that she had probably been hit or kicked…or both.

I would lie on the floor next to her, petting and stroking her gorgeous golden fur. I would feel her heart beating nearly out of her chest she was so scared, eyes wide with panicked uncertainty, always on the ready to flee. I continued to work with her every day and let her know that she was safe with us and nothing bad was ever going to happen to her again. It took a long time – nine months in fact – before that angel girl would even allow me to stroke her face without flinching. She always did continue to keep her head down when approaching people. She’d often go off to a quiet place in the house, away from the activity. And so came to be her nickname, compliments of my dad: “Lonesome Dove.”

Over the years, she had nothing less than an amazing transformation. Bella blossomed into one of the most trusting and sweet dogs.

fawn greyhound

Our time together was cut short one fateful day when I took her to get a dental cleaning. It was a routine procedure but Bella went into cardiac arrest while on the table, just after having a few teeth pulled and before getting her teeth cleaned. So shocking it was. I dropped her off that morning and fully expected to be picking her up in the afternoon. When the vet called just a short while later I knew it couldn’t be good. I answered the phone and got the news that my girl was gone. That was eight years ago today.

My poor sweet Bella, how many times I wonder what you thought when you woke up and you were no longer here. How I hate the fact that I wasn’t there with you. How I regret choosing that vet clinic to do your dental. I’m so very sorry, my girl. I will always remember how you were that morning: I can still see you running in the dog run as I’m calling you to come in so we could load up and get you over to the vet. You had a smile on your face and you seemed so happy…

I really feel that I was robbed of you. Robbed of years that we could’ve had together. I never believed that it was your time, but apparently it was. Who am I to make that call?

We worked so hard together to get you to trust people again, to not be fearful and to truly understand love, since you had never experienced love until you came to live with me and Maggie. And oh, how you blossomed here! My girl, you blossomed into the most trusting and loving dog. I’m so glad to have at least given you that.

This is such a sad day every year. I miss you every day of every year. I know you’re up there with the rest of the gang and you are all together now. I love when you come to visit me: You make your presence known frequently in my dreams, and on those days I wake up with a smile.

Missing you today Bella, and always. My sweet Lonesome Dove.

June 19, 1996 – March 22, 2006

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12 thoughts on “Remembering Bella

  1. Bella was a true beauty, and I cry for you and her right now, Michele. I’m glad you had the time you did together to build the trust and love. You made a difference in that sweet girls life.


    • That’s so very true. I try to live everyday so that there will be no regrets, but with death there is always something to regret or feel bad about. I don’t think any feeling person can escape that. I just love my babies, my family and my friends as much as I can while we have this time together. thanks for reading my story. I appreciate your comments!


  2. This nearly broke my heart. My Daisy sounds so much like your Bella. She was a puppy mill dog and acted exactly how you described Bella. She is now a 10 year old loving and sweet girl. I was just thinking about getting her teeth done, but after reading this I am hesitant. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain and guilt you feel. I would feel the same way. Somehow I think Bella knows you would’t have wanted this to happen.


    • Thank you Mel. It always freaks me out any time one of my dogs has to go under anesthesia. See if your vet can do a twilight anesthesia or somehow get the dental done without using anesthesia. It’s always a risk, even for people. I’m so happy to hear that your Daisy has recovered from her trauma at the puppy mill. Don’t you think that rescue dogs end up being so loving because they’re so grateful for having been rescued? I wish I could rescue them all! Thanks for reading my post and commenting! I appreciate that!


  3. Condolences. I hope you don’t mind me asking but would you ever consider putting bella up on we have just started this site to immortalize people and create a global birth registry. One of the reasons was to mark every human who walked the earth. Reading your blog makes me wonder why should you not put your pet up on our wall? email me with your thoughts if you please. Thank you


    • The Lifewall sounds like a great place for pets! After all they are members of the family and are our “children with fur”. I would love to put Bella up there along with my five others who are up at that big Rainbow Bridge in the sky! Thanks for bringing your life wall to our attention! And thanks for your comments and for reading my posts!


    • Yes it does! That’s how I named her. She was so gorgeous and her soul matched her beauty. She was so gentle. I miss her.


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