Sleet as Art

We had a rare treat the other night: sleet. In Austin, any type of winter storm activity is a welcome diversion. It left some beautiful art in it’s wake. These are pictures of a frozen dog bed on my deck, covered in sleet. How the sleet settled into the folds of the bed created a striking abstract.

frozen dog bed sleet freezes dog bed and turns it into art dog bed covered in sleet creates frozen abstract

7 thoughts on “Sleet as Art

    • Hardly ever! In fact we didn’t even get snow, just sleet. I’m from Buffalo NY (Niagara Falls) and I really miss true winters…and true Autumns, for that matter…


    • Yes! Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. Yes, so much beauty…if only we all could just open our eyes to it! Thanks Sharmishtha!


  1. This is really beautiful Michele.. I think we all have so much going on in our lives that we don’t see the real beauty all around us. In a snow flake, or icicles, or sleet that falls into the folds of a bed or in a falling leaf that falls to the ground. I Love to go out at nite when its snowing and watch the snowflakes under the lights in front of the house each one is different in size and shapes as they fall to the ground.. Thank you for sharing, that is beautiful..


  2. Thanks Mattie! So glad you liked and appreciated it. You’re right: we move along so fast that we miss sooooo much of life’s beauty! We all need to slow down!


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