A Greyhound Party

WordPress’s Daily Post provides daily prompts for bloggers to encourage creative posts with photo and writing challenges. I’m participating in today’s prompt which is to SHOW NUMBERS. These pictures depict a number of greyhounds (and one or two other breeds) enjoying cake at my Dodgy’s 12th birthday party.

There are plenty of numbers in these shots: 10 dogs, 40 paws, 10 stuffie toys and, I just noticed today, a number of Pocket Dragons in my curio collection, which happened to be captured in some of the shots. 🙂

That was a great day. I miss my Dodgy…

7 thoughts on “A Greyhound Party

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    • That was Jake, after ingesting a bunch of doggie birthday cake! Actually my friend’s 6 year old daughter piled up the toys on him. She was getting such a big kick out of how she could keep putting toys on top of him and he didn’t move. Was so cute to watch. She stood back, like an artist looking at her masterpiece and that’s when I snapped the photo. It was such a fun day. There were 13 dogs in attendance for the party. 10 greyhounds, a Dalmatian, a German Shepherd and a mixed breed who HATES the flash of the camera so she was hiding. 🙂


  2. I saw you over at my site (thank you!) and couldn’t see your Gravatar, so I enlarged it and there was a greyhound or greythound! 🙂 To pop in and see 10 greythounds – are they not a joy as they run or follow you around – it’s like having a bunch of small ponies! I love all dogs, but Greythounds are something special. Mystical even!


    • The best joy and loves of my life! There’s nothing better in life than the love from a dog. Not sure how much love they’re going to feel for me in the morning though because they’re both getting a bath in a few hours… ;).
      Thanks for stopping by and hanging out for awhile at my little spot in the blogosphere! I appreciate the Likes and comments!


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