Nancy Grace on Pot-Smokers: “Fat and Lazy”

Ya know, I used to like Nancy Grace –sometimes. And I still do –sometimes. When I agree with her, that is. I like how she’s a hard-hitting says-what-she-thinks crime & justice pundit, but over the last few years, she’s really thrown some major theatrics into her opinions on her HLN show. And she really gets on my nerves –more often than not.

She made quite a spectacle earlier this week on CNN when being interviewed on her opinion about the state of New York possibly legalizing medical marijuana. She’s vehemently against it and went on to spew her reasons why. When CNN’s Brooke Baldwin said that many would argue and disagree, her response, in typical Nancy Grace fashion: “Hey, look, the ones that are disagreeing are lethargic, sitting on the sofa, eating chips. Pot makes you fat and lazy. There. Fat and lazy.”

Really??!   pot leaf, marijuana leaf

This awesomely fun piece by Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell, with just a little sarcasm, proves her wrong. Check it out: Hi Nancy Grace: Here Are Some “Fat and Lazy” Pot-smokers Who Never Amounted to Anything

Love it!

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