My Aquarium Visit: Who Knew It Would Spark a Poem

I’m certainly no poet but this came to me as I was looking at the photos I took yesterday while visiting the new Austin Aquarium (which you can see in the slideshow below). I wrote this poem in honor of all the animals held in public aquariums:

Gliding through waters unfamiliar,

The ripples not like those in the sea.

How I yearn to be free from captivity.

The aquarium apparently my new home

How I despise these rocks I now roam.


I see them looking through the glass

Smiling, admiring, then walking away,

One after the other, day after day.

I have to rely on the Angels who see

To watch over us, only they hold the key.

Unless you are here to set me free?

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6 thoughts on “My Aquarium Visit: Who Knew It Would Spark a Poem

  1. WOW, Good pictures.. Very good poem.. You sure have a gift for writing… P.S. I never saw a String rays face before.. It looks so gentle.. Cute face… Keep up the good writing.. Love you and miss you…. Later Mom


  2. How beautifully you minister to animals through your words. Those words give them voice — a voice silenced when they are held captive to entertain man who lines his pockets with dollars collected at their expense. I ever hold a vision if their safe return to their rightful home.


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